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Hough Wins North Carolina School Title in Fine Style

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Hough Wins North Carolina School Title in Fine Style

Hough Huskies celebrate their win.

The Hough Huskies capped off an undefeated season in North Carolina's single-school competition with a 40-10 defeat of Marvin Ridge Saturday in the league's championship game.

In a league that officially caps winning margins at 35, Hough won five of their eight games by (officially) 35-0 scorelines, meaning they shut out their opponents and scored at least 35. The Huskies were scored upon in only three games, two of those games being  against league runners-up Marvin Ridge. The only other team to score against them was Myers Park.

Overall Hough ended up 8-0 with (officially) 298 points for and 41 against.

Hough won the final behind a strong forward pack performance that controlled possession and didn't really let up all day.

Captain Zach Colson was very good off the tee, adding in a penalty goal from halfway to the conversions, and led well.

Kai Campbell at a force at No. 8 and was a big part of the forward effort.

Port Kuebler controlled the tempo nicely and was on top of the game throughout. With Daveon Neibauer and Beyond Bembry were excellent defensively and held Marvin Ridge's midfield in check. With that Hough was able to find some space to play and a good overall team attack plan won the game and the NC School title.

Now the players move to their clubs for the remainder of the spring. The club team take a week off and then enter into the Charlotte Ruggerfest—Charlotte Cardinals, Charlotte Tigers, and Raleigh Rattlesnakes all are in Ruggerfest.