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Harpeth Wins Tennessee Boys HS 7s

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Harpeth Wins Tennessee Boys HS 7s

Harpeth in action Saturday. Jama Reagan photo.

The Harpeth Harlequins capped off a solid Saturday to win the 2020 Tennessee HS Boys 7s championship in Knoxville.

In a fairly competitive Boys bracket, it was Pool B that provide the tightest. Of the six games played, four were decided by five points or fewer. Crawling out of that slugfest was Father Ryan, which edged the Raptors and Tennessee Academy before beating their biggest rivals, Sumner County, 19-7 to go 3-0. Sumner County and the Raptors were also very close and Sumner only finished 2nd thanks to a conversion in a 14-12 nailbiter.

But in Pool A, the Harlequins were fairly dominant, allowing just the one try and shutting out the Tribe and the Mustangs. Mustangs took 2nd in fairly convincing fashion.

Pool A
Harlequins 38-5 Rutherford
Mustangs 31-0 Tribe
Harlequins 45-0 Tribe
Mustangs 24-7 Rutherford
Harlequins 26-0 Mustangs
Rutherford 22-5 Tribe

Pool B
Sumner County 17-12 Tennessee Academy 
Father Ryan 21-17 Raptors
Sumner County 14-12 Raptors
Father Ryan 10-5 Tennessee Academy
Sumner County 7-19 Father Ryan
Raptors 24-0 Tennessee Academy

Tennessee HS Rugby Idaho Boys Fall 7s Standings
Pool A W L T PF PA PD Pts
Harlequins 3 0 0 109 5 104 9
Mustangs 2 1 0 55 33 22 7
Rutherford 1 2 0 34 67 -33 5
Tribe 0 3 0 5 98 -93 3
Pool B W L T PF PA PD Pts
Father Ryan 3 0 0 50 36 14 9
Sumner County 2 1 0 38 43 -5 7
Raptors 1 2 0 53 35 18 5
Tennessee Academy 0 3 0 17 51 -34 3

So the Mustangs might have been forgiven for thinking they might be stronger than Father Ryan, and had a chance to prove it in the semifinals. There the Harlequins stepped on the gas and cruised past Sumner County 48-7 to make the final. In a tighter game, Father Ryan and Mustangs went back and forth, but the Mustangs had the last laugh, winning by a try 22-17.

That set up the 3rd-4th game and the final. For 3rd, Sumner Count pulled away from Father Ryan 29-17. In the final, the Harlequins finally played a tight game, but held on 17-12 to win it all.