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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 8

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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 8

Junior Kaufusi leads the East HS (Utah) charge into the Top 50.

Gonzaga may well not deserve to be bumped from #1, but right now we are doing just that.

A loss to Granite Bay was, surely, facilitated by an open subs option in that game. But too bad ... the loss is there. We may well soon see Gonzaga do something that bumps them back up. Herriman wins well against an admittedly rebuilding United side and they take #1. St. Ignatius? Well, yeah, their result against LaSalle was better than Gonzaga's result against LaSalle. 

We do actually think that one could take the "we're reloading" story from Cleveland a bit too literally. SIHS could well still be tops in the nation. But we will wait for a more definitive result. Say ... March 25 at Gonzaga? Yes, that might be the one.

(So is the fact that your GRR Editor Alex Goff is an assistant coach for the St. Ignatius freshmen biasing our rankings one way or another? We spend a lot of time making sure it doesn't. If anything, right now, we're being too hard on them. If De La Salle had swept Jesuit and St. Francis they might be #1. Or if Jesuit had swept De La Salle, St. Francis, and Gonzaga they would be #1. It's reasonable to argue St. Ignatius is #1. We are just waiting for more evidence from a side that has changed dramatically from the 2022 version.)

Dwenger comes in looking strong, and perhaps comes in a little late, really. East HS Utah comes in after beating ranked club Brighton. Strake Jesuit's good showing in Louisiana moves them up (again, Kudos to New Orleans Jesuit for playing so many tough teams). St. Xavier moves into the Top 50 as well.

Don't forget that the GRR Rankings are brought to you by Next Phase Rugby, the app you can download at and start your college search.   

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 2 Herriman (UT) Beat United (C40)
2 1 Gonzaga (DC) Beat Jesuit Sac (10), lost to Granite Bay (C3)
3 3 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat LaSalle (16)
4 4 Staples (CT) Beat Georgetown Prep (9)
5 5 Torrey Pines (CA) Beat San Clemente (28)
6 9 Georgetown Prep (MD) Close loss to Staples (4)
7 6 Greenwich (CT)  
8 7 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
9 8 Xavier (NY) Beat Fort Hunt (C22)
10 12 De La Salle (CA) Beat Sacramento Jesuit (10)
11 10 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Lost to Gonzaga (1), De La Salle (12)
12 11 St. Francis (CA)  
13 14 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Jesuit New Orleans (17)
14 27 Strake Jesuit (TX) Beat Brother Martin, Jesuit New Orleans (17)
15 13 Fallbrook (CA)  
16 15 St. Augustine (CA)  
17 17 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Close loss to Dallas Jesuit (17), Strake Jesuit (27)
18 18 Marvin Ridge HS (NC)  
19 19 St. Joe's Prep (PA) On tour
20 20 St. Thomas (TX)  
21 21 Bixby (OK)  
22 26 St. Edward (OH)  
23 44 St. Martin's (KS) Beat St. Thomas Aquinas (23), Liberty North
24 23 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Lost to St. Martin's (44)
25 24 East HS (CO) Lost to Valor 
26 25 Regis Jesuit (CO) Beat NCOS Falcons
27 28 San Clemente (CA) Lost to Torrey Pines. (5)
28 32 Moeller (OH) Short-form wins over St. Charles, HSE
29 Unr East HS (UT) Beat Brighton (C32)
30 Unr St. Xavier (OH) Short-form wins over St. Charles, HSE
31 22 Gregory the Great (PA)  
32 30 Rye (NY)  
33 Unr Bishop Dwenger (IN) Beat SLUH (40)
34 16 LaSalle (PA) Lost to St. Ignatius (3)
35 31 Long Beach Poly (CA)  
36 33 Oceanside (SC)  
37 34 South Mecklenburg HS (NC)  
38 35 Los Alamitos (CA)  
39 36 Highland (UT)  
40 37 Hough HS (NC)  
41 38 Orange Lutheran (CA)  
42 40 SLUH (MO)

Lost to Dwenger, Royal Irish (C19), Pendleton (C20); Beat Penn (29)

43 39 Laney HS (NC)  
44 29 Penn (IN) Lost to SLUH (40)
45 45 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Close loss to Wellington (C41)
46 41 Lake Travis (TX)  
47 42 St. Pius X (TX)  
48 43 Conestoga (PA)  
49 46 Charlotte Catholic HS (NC)  
50 47 Belmont High (MA)