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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 14

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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 14

BC High moves up a bit. Photo Connor Nee.

A lot of movement here because there has been a lot of action.

Dallas Jesuit moved up and Strake Jesuit moved down after Dallas won the single-school finals in Texas. St. Martin's out of Kansas moves up mostly because they have been logging very good results. Yes they did earlier lose to SLUH, but in general we've decided to not let that result dictate everything.

Regis Jesuit moves up with a good result and also because East HS, which beat them in a close one, has moved up. Also we have Highland and Medina in the school rankings because that's where they should be instead of the club rankings which is where we had them.

Belmont HS moves into the Top 50 with a series of good results.

OK ... now about the Top 10. Gonzaga has to be #1 and there's no change there. But we needed to change some other spots there. St. Ignatius moves up after a pretty strong performance against St. Edward. There's an argument that Jesuit of Sacramento should be up there because Jesuit had a better result vs Gonzaga than did Ignatius. Yes, that's fair, but Jesuit has a couple of losses from Southern California on their record and did lose to De La Salle. Not a terrible thing in and of itself, except that De La Salle just lost to Danville and we're moving them down one spot, so it's kind of a weird time to move Jesuit up past them. Jesuit does move up, though. 

Torrey Pines, as promised, drops down because they're idle. Greenwich moves down after beating teams—sorry, that sometimes happens. Greenwich at #4 was too high though and we knew that.  

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) Won Gonzaga Tournament
2 5 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat St. Edward (14)
3 2 De La Salle (CA) Lost to Danville (C6)
4 7 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Beat Motherlode, SFGG (C13)
5 3 Torrey Pines (CA)  
6 4 Greenwich (CT) Beat Berks (C10), Union/Morris, Hendricken
7 6 Xavier (NY)  
8 8 Herriman (UT)  
9 9 East HS (UT)  
10 10 Georgetown Prep (MD) Beat St. Augustine NJ
11 11 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
12 16 East HS (CO) Beat Weld
13 24 St. Martin's (KS) Beat Aquinas (25), Blue Valley
14 14 St. Edward (OH) Lost to St. Ignatius (5)
15 15 St. Francis (CA)  
16 19 Rye (NY)  
17 27 Regis Jesuit (CO) Beat Palmer
18 20 Penn (IN) Lost to Pendleton (C9)
19 28 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Strake Jesuit (12)
20 26 Bixby (OK)  
21 13 Staples (CT) 1-2 at Gonzaga Classic
22 18 Fallbrook (CA)  
23 22 LaSalle (PA) Beat Conestoga (41)
24 17 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Lost to Gonzaga (1), Vienna (C8), Fort Hunt (C15)
25 30 Moeller (OH) Beat SLUH (23), St. Xavier (44)
26 21 St. Augustine (CA)  
27 12 Strake Jesuit (TX) Lost to Dallas Jesuit (28)
28 25 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Lost to St. Martin's (24)
29 29 Marvin Ridge HS (NC)  
30 33 Detroit Central Catholic (MI) Beat Brighton
31 36 Eagle (ID) Beat Oweyhee (37)
32 44 St. Xavier (OH) Beat SLUH (23), lost to Moeller (30)
33 32 Gregory the Great (PA) Beat Malvern Prep
34 40 Fairfield Prep (CT) Beat Salesianum, Good Counsel, Loudoun (C40), 
35 37 Owyhee (ID) Lost to Eagle (36)
36 31 San Clemente (CA)  
37 23 SLUH (MO) Lost to Moeller (30), St. Xavier (44)
38 38 St. Thomas (TX)  
39 34 Los Alamitos (CA)  
40 35 Long Beach Poly (CA)  
41 46 Olympus (UT)  
42 45 Highland (UT) Beat Mountain Ridge
43 50 BC High (MA) Beat Delbarton
44 47 Pelham HS (NY) Beat Fordham Prep
45 Unr Belmont HS (MA) Beat Xaverian Brothers
46 Unr Highland (OH)  
47 Unr Medina (OH)  
48 42 Conestoga (PA) Lost to LaSalle (22)
49 41 Oceanside (SC)  
50 43 St. Joe's Prep (PA)