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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 1

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GRR HS School Team Rankings Week 1

Gonzaga gets the first week's #1. Photo Gonzaga Rugby.

Here is our first week of Boys HS School-Team rankings for 2023.

Obviously a couple of leagues have kicked off already and as we've dealt with in the past, it is very difficult for some of these teams to maintain high rankings through the rest of the spring. Most of that is because once they wrap up their school season in February, other teams will play and move their way past. Only if these teams keep playing and play some opposition outside their league can we get enough data to move them to the upper echelon. 

And we're going to see more of that with teams that didn't do that last year. Jesuit New Orleans and LaSalle College Prep are two that have significantly raised the level of their opposition and we celebrate that. 

Notice that we rank Gonzaga #1 and the defending national champs, St. Ignatius, #3. That's simply based on a bit of a guess—SIHS graduated a bunch of players and we decided it's a bit much to ask the next group to carry the burden of #1 until results tell us more. Gonzaga? They are a bit more settled. 

Expect much of this to change, of course, and we do have some big games in SoCal and North Carolina and in Texas while others are waiting for the snows to melt. And when the snows melt we've got several more interesting matchups to come. 

The GRR Rankings are brought to you by Next Phase Rugby, a USA-made and maintained app that connects college rugby programs and HS rugby players. It's a great way for college programs to find players they wouldn't know otherwise, and a great way for high schoolers to create and finalize their best college prospects. Go to nextphaserugby.com to download the app.


Rank 2022 Final Team Notes
1 2 Gonzaga (DC) Returning several. Good depth.
2 4 Herriman (UT) Should be fine.
3 1 St. Ignatius (OH) Graduated a bunch of players but still strong.
4 3 De La Salle (CA) Can they rebuild?
5 7 Staples (CT)  
6 10 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Rebound a little more complete.
7 8 Greenwich (CT)  
8 9 Xavier (NY)  
9 19 St. Augustine (CA) 4-0 in SCIRF
10 11 Highland (UT)  
11 6 Torrey Pines (CA) 2-0 in non-conference games
12 12 Jesuit New Orleans (LA)  
13 18 Cathedral Catholic (CA) 4-0 in SCIRF
14 14 LaSalle (PA) Much-improved schedule.
15 15 St. Joe's Prep (PA)  
16 16 Gregory the Great (PA)  
17 17 Penn (IN) New Head Coach.
18 Unr Hough HS (NC) 5-0 in North Carolina
19 13 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Don't know yet
20 5 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) We'll wait to see how they progress.
21 26 Regis Jesuit (CO) Could be a big year for them.
22 Unr South Mecklenburg HS (NC) 5-0-1 in North Carolina
23 23 Moeller (OH) Ohio finalists in 2022
24 24 Georgetown Prep (MD)  
25 Unr Fallbrook (CA) 4-1 in SCIRF
26 20 Conestoga (PA)  
27 Unr Laney HS (NC) 4-1 in North Carolina
28 30 Strake Jesuit (TX) Close win over St. Pius
29 28 St. Pius X (TX) Close loss to Strake
30 31 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Opening win
31 Unr Charlotte Catholic HS (NC) 3-1-1 in North Carolina
32 36 Rye (NY) Good 2022; 2023 expected to be better.
33 35 Belmont High (MA)  
34 25 St. Edward (OH)  
35 Unr San Clemente (CA) 2-0 start in SoCal
36 Unr Orange Lutheran (CA) Big win to start off.
37 22 Rigby HS (ID)  
38 29 East HS (CO)  
39 32 Owyhee (ID)  
40 38 Trumbull (CT)  
41 Unr Marvin Ridge HS (NC) 3-0 in North Carolina
42 27 St. Thomas (TX)  
43 33 Camas (OR)  
44 34 St. Augustine (NJ)  
45 46 St. James (KS)  
46 44 BC High (MA)  
47 42 Bixby (OK)  
48 45 Monarch (CO)  
49 47 Eagle HS (ID)  
50 49 Medina (OH)