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GRR HS Club Rankings Week 8

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GRR HS Club Rankings Week 8

Woodlands vs Aspetuck from last spring. They played again this week. Griff Hastings photo.

Much movement this week.

Woodlands takes over the #1 spot after two nice wins on tour. Belmont Shore hasn't really done anything wrong, but we haven't seen them play much so that means they drift down a little. Ranked teams are kind of like sharks—they have to keep swimming to stop themselves from sinking.

Granite Bay has been putting in the results and they could have been #1 this time around. Yes they beat Gonzaga, but there was an open subs wrinkle to that game and so that stops us just short. Danville, which tied Granite Bay earlier, stays close. 

Pendleton is also recording good results and their win over 901 was a head-turner. They leap into the Top 10. Tempe drops a big after a loss to Regis Jesuit and split short games with Neuqua. But really they aren't that far away from the higher spots. It's just that other teams won games or had competitive losses to highly-ranked teams.

Finally, AYR ... War Eagle and Inman Park play under those names in Georgia, but really they operate as one club. So we're ranking them as one club. Much, much more to come from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin in the coming weeks.

Don't forget that the GRR Rankings are brought to you by Next Phase Rugby, the app you can download at and start your college search.   

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 2 Woodlands (TX) Beat Aspetuck (18), Greenwich (S7)
2 3 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Gonzaga (S1)
3 4 Danville (CA) Beat Marin (14)
4 5 Thunder Rugby (CA) Beat Highland
5 1 Belmont Shore (CA)  
6 6 SOC Raptors (CA)  
7 8 San Diego Mustangs (CA)  
8 9 Okapi (FL)  
9 10 SFGG (CA) Beat Lamorinda
10 20 Pendleton (IN) Beat SLUH (S40), 901 (13)
11 11 Vienna (VA) Beat Richmond (47)
12 12 Berks (PA) 3-0 in Shortened games in NJ
13 15 Charlotte Cardinals (NC) Beat Greer
14 14 Marin (CA) Lost to Danville (4)
15 13 901 (Germantown) (TN) Lost to Pendleton (20)
16 16 Boca Raton (FL)  
17 21 Raleigh Redhawks (NC) Beat Gonzaga Black
18 22 Fort Hunt (VA) Lost to Xavier (S8)
19 18 Aspetuck (CT) Lost to Woodlands (2)
20 7 Tempe (AZ) Split with Neuqua. Close loss to Regis Jesuit (S25)
21 23 Jacksonville (FL)  
22 Unr Neuqua (IL) Splits with Tempe (7), beat Fox Valley
23 24 West Houston (TX)  
24 25 KC Jr. Blues (MO)  
25 26 Layton Christian (UT)  
26 27 SLV Rhinos (UT)  
27 19 Royal Irish (IN) Beat SLUH (S40)
28 28 Key Biscayne (FL)  
29 29 Eastside Tsunami (OR)  
30 30 Raptor Rugby (TN)  
31 31 Wolverines (CA)  
32 32 Brighton (UT) Close loss East HS (Utah)
33 34 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA) Beat AYR Inman Park
34 Unr Valor (CO) Beat East HS (S24)
35 33 Four Points (TX)  
36 36 Snow Canyon (Te Mana) (UT)  
37 41 Wellington (FL) Beat Cardinals Gibbons (S45)
38 35 AYR War Eagle/Inman (GA) Lost to Phoenix Alpharetta (34)
39 17 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Lost to Charlotte B
40 37 Rebel Rugby (GA)  
41 38 Genesis (UT)  
42 39 Eastside (WA)  
43 43 Elsie Allen (CA)  
44 44 Rainier Highlanders (WA)  
45 40 United (UT) Lost to Herriman (S2)
46 45 Glen Ellyn (IL)  
47 46 Loudoun (VA)  
48 48 Mother Lode (CA)  
49 49 Morris (NJ)  0-2 in short-game tournament
50 50 Green Bay (WI) XYZ