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GRR HS Club Rankings Week 14

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GRR HS Club Rankings Week 14

Belmont Shore was playing well at the Storer Classic in January, and is still playing well.

Well we have a new #1 and it's not a surprise.

Given that we had two games between Top-Ten teams and some other high-profile matchups it was inevitable that someone would move past the idle Okapi team. In addition, while the Woodlands has continued to have a great season, we're taking a new look at some of the teams they played and a couple aren't quite as strong as we thought earlier. So a win against those opponents are nice, but not necessarily a reason to be #1.

So Okapi's 15-10 win over Woodlands, while impressive, is not strong enough when you look at the constant high-rankings efforts in Southern California and Northern California.

The Charlotte Cardinals unleashed their astonishing upset of St. Andrew's, and while they lost to Gonzaga in the Gonzaga Classic final, they competed very well.  

Green Bay and Westside move in.

Belmont Shore is the #1 team because they are really unchallenged. Reports from SoCal tell us they are better than last year's SoCal champion squad, which finished 2nd in the nation, and while their coaching staff remains humble, we believe it. No they didn't crush the San Diego Mustangs, but they won pretty solidly against a team that is also very, very good. Could Granite Bay be #1? Easily. Could we see a #8 seed at Nationals beat the #1 seed? Sure. But this is what we have right now.

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 3 Belmont Shore (CA) Beat San Diego Mustangs (4)
2 2 Granite Bay (CA) Beat Marin (17)
3 6 Danville (CA) Beat De La Salle (S4)
4 4 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Lost to Belmont Shore (3)
5 12 Charlotte Cardinals (NC) Beat Fort Hunt (15), St. Andrew's. Lost to Gonzaga (S1)
6 1 Okapi (FL)  
7 5 Woodlands (TX)  
8 7 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat Thunder (9)
9 8 Vienna (VA) Lost to St. Andrew's; beat NOLA Jesuit (S17), Aspetuck (18) 
10 9 Pendleton (IN) Beat Penn (S20), Mudsock (45)
11 11 Thunder Rugby (CA) Close loss to SOC Raptors (7)
12 16 KC Jr. Blues (MO) Beat Gorilla, St. James
13 18 Aspetuck (CT) Lost to Shawnigan Lake, Vienna (8). Beat Fort Hunt (15)
14 10 Berks (PA) 2-1 at Quad State Tournament
15 13 SFGG (CA) Lost to Jesuit (S7)
16 14 Marin (CA) Lost to Granite Bay (2)
17 15 Fort Hunt (VA) Lost to Charlotte (12), Aspetuck (18); beat NOLA Jesuit (S17)
17 17 901 (Germantown) (TN)  
19 19 Layton Christian (UT)  
20 20 Valor (CO)  
21 21 Boca Raton (FL) Beat Tampa
22 22 Raleigh Redhawks (NC) Lost to Shawnigan; Beat Staples (S13), Gonzaga White
23 23 Eastside (WA) Beat Budd Bay
24 31 Wolverines (CA) Beat Lamorinda
25 38 Elsie Allen (CA) Beat Serra HS
26 24 Brighton (UT)  
27 25 Tempe (AZ)  
28 26 West Houston (TX)  
29 29 SLV Rhinos (UT) Beat West Valley Warriors
30 32 Rainier Highlanders (WA) Beat Seattle
31 33 Camas (OR) Beat Summit
32 44 Eastside Tsunami (OR) Beat Bend
33 27 Jacksonville (FL) Lost to Cardinal Gibbons
34 28 Key Biscayne (FL) Beat Wellington
35 30 NCOS Falcons (CO)  
36 40 Loudoun (VA) 2-1 at Gonzaga Classic
37 35 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
38 37 Snow Canyon (Te Mana) (UT) Beat Cavemen
39 Unr Westside Black Swarm (IN) Beat Dwenger
40 47 Glen Ellyn (IL) Beat Naperville
41 41 Raptor Rugby (TN)  
42 42 New Trier (IL)  
43 43 Neuqua (IL)  
44 34 AYR War Eagle/Inman (GA) Lost to Charlotte Cardinals (12), Gonzaga White, Staples (S13)
45 45 HSE Mudsock (IN) Lost to Pendleton (9)
46 46 Royal Irish (IN) Beat Carmel
47 48 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Beat Greer
48 Unr Green Bay (WI) Beat Fox Cities
49 36 Four Points (TX)  
50 39 Morris (NJ)  Tournament