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GRR Girls HS Rankings May 2024 #3

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GRR Girls HS Rankings May 2024 #3

Eagle shares #1. Alex Goff photo.

Doing the girls rankings was a humbling experience for us here at GRR World Headquarters.

We got some rankings close to right—probably 12 or 13 of the Top 20 were pretty much where we thought they would be. And maybe about half of the rest were close to where they probably should be. But we had some whoppers, too. Let's have a look at those, shall we?

Belmont Shore. Shore, Majestics, United as well as Thunder, Fallbrook, and Summit of Colorado were all ranked lower because they have been playing mostly 7s (Majestics and United played a combination of 7s, 10s, and 15s depending on their opposition). In our experience, ranking a 15s team based on their 7s acumen is a fool's game and it doesn't translate.

However, the teams that went to the Girls HS National Championships showed that they could play both. Belmont Shore gets to share #1 with Eagle and we have to say their open-field passing, catching, and defensive skills are as good as we've seen in girls rugby. So we moved Shore up 15, Majestics up 7, United up 20, Thunder up 12 by association, and because of this change in our attitude Fallbrook comes into the rankings. We knew that these players could play, but the 7s-vs-15s question really threw us.

Idaho. The superb showing of the teams from Idaho at the National Championships showed us a lot. We expected Eagle to do well and possibly win it all—we had them at #4 after all—but it was Meridian, the 3rd team in Idaho, that shocked us. They almost beat DSHA. So Meridian goes from unranked to #7, and Rocky Mountain, the #2 team in Idaho, moves up 18 spots.

Raleigh Cobras. This was just a mistake on our part. We got confused about a club merger and left them out last time.

Warsaw. A team that didn't look so great in the Midwest Championship were a different team in the National Championships. That team was excellent. They move from unranked to #17.

Aspetuck. Well we ranked them highly, and likely too high. They then had a rough weekend at the National Championships where we suspect the shock of the competition hurt their confidence. We kind of think they might be higher than #21, but in the end we have to put them there this time.

By the way, we've also expanded this list to 45 because we added so many teams and didn't feel like we should drop out that same number.

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 4 Eagle (ID) Beat DSHA JV, Columbia Central (8), DSHA (1)
1 16 Belmont Shore (CA) Beat Morris (14), United (28), Majestics (11)
3 1 DSHA (WI) Beat Grandville, Meridian. Lost to Eagle (4)
4 11 Majestics (UT) Beat SacPal (6), Aspetuck (2). Lost to Eagle (4)
5 3 Charlotte Cardinals (NC) Beat Hough (29), Raleigh Cobras
6 24 Rocky Mountain (ID) 2nd in Idaho
7 Unr Meridian (ID) Close loss to DSHA (1). Beat Col. Cent. (8), Catholic Mem. (10)
8 28 United (UT) Beat Morris (14), SacPAL (6). Lost to Belmont Shore (16).
9 8 Columbia Central (TN) Beat Warsaw. Lost to Eagle (4), Meridian
10 6 SacPAL (CA) Beat Aspetuck (2). Lost to Majestics (11), United (28)
11 7 St. Joseph's (OH) Beat Highland
12 12 East Co. Grackles (OR) Beat Summit (25)
13 9 Summit (CO)  
14 5 Sparta Rock (MI)  
15 10 Catholic Memorial (WI) Lost to Meridian. Beat Grandville, DSHA JV
16 15 Knightmare (PA) Beat Downingtown (20)
17 Unr Warsaw (IN) Close loss to Col. Cent. (8), DSHA JV. Beat Grandville, Chargers
18 13 Wolverines (CA) Beat Clayton (23), Chicago, SPASH
19 31 Thunder (CA)  
20 14 Morris (NJ) Lost to United (28), Belmont Shore (16). Beat Aspetuck (2)
21 2 Aspetuck (CT) Lost to Majestics (11), SacPal (6), Morris (14)
22 34 Belmont HS (MA) Beat Algonquin
23 18 Sacramento Harlequins (CA)  
24 Unr Fallbrook (CA)  
25 Unr Bitterroot (MT) Beat Missoula (27)
26 Unr Raleigh Cobras (NC) Lost to Charlotte Cardinals (3)
27 Unr Albert Lea (MN)  
28 23 Clayton (NC) Beat Chicago, SPASH. Lost to Wolverines (13)
29 21 Kent Crusaders (WA)  
30 17 Orchard Park (NY) Beat Hamburg
31 Unr Highland (OH) Lost to St. Joseph's (7)
32 20 Downingtown (PA) Lost to Knightmare (15)
33 22 Moon Area (PA)  
34 25 Summit (OR) Lost to East Co. (12)
35 26 Medina (OH) Close loss to SJA (7)
36 29 Hough (NC) Lost to Charlotte Cardinals (3)
37 Unr Chargers (IN)  
38 30 West Carroll (MD)  
39 27 Missoula (MT) Lost to Bitterroot 
40 36 Corning (NY) Beat City Honors, Hamburg
41 Unr Brunswick (OH) Beat Perrysburg
42 32 Westside (IN) Beat Mudsock, Noblesville
43 37 Woodlands (TX)  
44 38 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS)  
45 39 Vienna (VA) vbvbvbv