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GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Tight Five

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GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Tight Five

Virginia Tech Rugby

Well we'd like to apologize for being so late with this, but various factors slowed our progress in curating the list—long story short, we're ready now.

So we have a list of our top 100 players from DIAA in the fall of 2019. We are looking at 15-a-side teams that played in the fall. So you won't see anyone who just played 7s. Most of the leagues play just in the fall, or just in the spring. NCRC, Heart of America, and Lonestar play in both, and that's why you see a smaller number of players from those teams. There will be time to add more from there.

Thanks to everyone who helped us.

GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Loose Forwards 

GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Halfbacks

GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Outside Backs

Here are the Tight Five Forwards (in no particular order)

Goff Rugby Report Fall 2019 DIAA Hot 100
First Name Last Name College Team Conference
Andrew  Humphrey Maryland CRC
Elijah Hayes Iowa CCC Ind
Lane Pruisner Iowa CCC Ind
Evian Akers Lindenwood-Belleville Ind
David Phillips UT San Antonio Lonestar
Zack Harlan IUPUI MAC
Connor Peterson Bowling Green MAC
Mark Green Western Michigan MAC
Nick Ballas St. Joseph's MARC
Nick Snyder Gonzaga NCRC
Jonathan  Robbins NC State CRC
Nick Brune Alabama SCRC
Raymond  McGettigan Mount St. Mary's CRC
Gareth Sanfers-Cook Iowa CCC Ind
Mason Koch Dartmouth Ivy
Manny Bravo Western Michigan MAC
Colin Stiller Towson MARC
Will Suddeth Washington State NCRC
Dirk van den Berg Kentucky SCRC
Brandon  Corkery NC State CRC
Justice Dell-Bovi Western Michigan MAC
Sam Ciancutti Bowling Green MAC
Nick Marsh Cincinnati MAC
Greg Janowick Tennessee SCRC
Kelly Fernandi Virginia Tech CRC
Luke Whitlock Iowa Heart of America
Michael Chappell St. Joseph's MARC
Nick Hughes Pitt MARC
Campbell Robinson Kennesaw State SCRC