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GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Halfbacks

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GRR DIAA Hot 100 Fall 2019: Halfbacks

The number tells it all.

We're continuing with our top 100 DIAA players from the fall of 2019.

This time ut's the halfbacks, with scrumhalf and flyhalf.

Now, you might think that only eight scrumhalves isn't a lot, and it's true, it's not a a huge number, but also consider that there are 15 positions on a rugby team and with 100 spots to fill, we're talking about 6.67 players per position. Of course, some positions have two of each on the field. We then we'd expect to see about 13 props, locks, flankers, centers, and wings. It doesn't quite work out that way because hooker and scrumhalf are very specialized positions. Flyhalf is a pretty important position, and so is No. 8, so you're expect more than six of them.

So with that context, eight scrumhalves isn't so few. 

If you want to know the tally, it's 12 props, seven hookers, 10 locks, 11 flankers, eight No. 8s, eight scrumhalves, 11 flyhalves, 14 centers, 11 wings, and eight fullbacks.

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Here are #9s and #10s in no articular order.


Goff Rugby Report Fall 2019 DIAA Hot 100
First Name Last Name College Team Conference
Luke Persanis Delaware MARC
Jacob Gilliam Lindenwood-Belleville Ind
Cameron Bernard Louisville MAC
Luke Davies Tennessee SCRC
Wesley Pan Virginia Tech CRC
Nick D'Angelo West Chester MARC
Nick Chevalier Western Michigan MAC
Terrell Nelson Western Washington NCRC
First Name Last Name College Team Conference
Brendan Esson Kentucky SCRC
Samual Portello Boise State NCRC
Noah Niumataiwalu St. Joseph's MARC
Ben Taylor Towson MARC
John Drozd Western Michigan MAC
Rich Howell Sam Houston State Lonestar
Jon Kim Brown Ivy
Mike Weir Dartmouth Ivy
Coleson Warner Lindenwood-Belleville Ind
Chandler Owens Kansas Heart of America
Thomason  Stockton NC State CRC