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Great Midwest Conference Sets Schedule For Fall 2021

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Great Midwest Conference Sets Schedule For Fall 2021

Northern Michigan and UW-Milwaukee qill meet again in the GMW North.

The Great Midwest Conference has confirmed its schedule for both its D2 league and its small college league.

Joining National Collegiate Rugby has been a good move, it appears, for the conference because some teams that were struggling a bit in D2 have now shifted to the Small College conference, which allows those teams plus some we haven't seen a lot of (Michigan School of Engineering, University of Chicago).

Meanwhile, while the GMW loses Minnesota-Duluth, which returned to the Northern Lights, it gains Northwestern, which may well have found the right conference here, and retains some of the best D2 college teams in the nation. When Goff Rugby Report last ranked 15-a-side D2 teams, in December of 2019, three teams were ranked in the top 10 (UW-Whitewater, Illinois State, and Loyola-Chicago), and three others made the top 40 (Marquette, Northern Michigan, and UW-Platteville). 

The D2 conference is ten teams split into a North Division (Marquette, NMU, UW-Milwaukee, Platteville, and Whitewater) and a South Division (ISU, Loyola, Northern Iowa, Northwestern, and Illinois-Chicago). 

Great Midwest Conference Fall 2021 Schedule

9/25 Northern Iowa at Illinois State GMW
9/25 UIC at Loyola GMW
9/25 UW-Whitewater at Marquette GMW
9/25 Northern Michigan at UW-Platteville GMW
9/25 UW-Eau Claire  at Michigan Tech GMW Small
9/25 MSOE at UW-Stevens Point GMW Small
10/2 Northwestern at Northern Iowa GMW
10/2 Marquette at Northern Michigan GMW
10/2 UW-Platteville at UW-Milwaukee GMW
10/2 Loyola at Illinois State GMW
10/2 UW-Eau Claire  at MSOE GMW Small
10/2 UW-Stevens Point at Chicago GMW Small
10/9 Illinois State at Northwestern GMW
10/9 UIC at Northern Iowa GMW
10/9 UW-Milwaukee at UW-Whitewater GMW
10/9 Marquette at UW-Platteville GMW Small
10/9 Chicago at UW-Eau Claire  GMW Small
10/10 Chicago (in Eau Claire) at Michigan Tech GMW Small
10/15 Loyola at Northwestern GMW
10/16 Illinois State at UIC GMW
10/16 UW-Platteville at UW-Whitewater GMW
10/16 Northern Michigan at UW-Milwaukee GMW
10/16 MSOE at UW-Stevens Point GMW Small
10/22 UW-Milwaukee at Marquette GMW
10/23 Northern Iowa at Loyola GMW
10/23 Northwestern at UIC GMW
10/23 UW-Whitewater at Northern Michigan GMW
10/23 Chicago at MSOE GMW Small
10/23 UW-Stevens Point at UW-Eau Claire  GMW Small
10/30 MSOE at Michigan Tech GMW Small
10/30 GMW North #1 vs GMW South #2 GMW
10/30 GMW South #1 vs GMW North #2 GMW
11/6 SF Winner vs SF Winner GMW D2 Final
11/6 Small College #1 vs Small College #2 GMW Small Final
11/6 SF Loser vs SF Loser GMW D2 3rd/4th