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Goff Joins FloRugby

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Goff Joins FloRugby

Alex Goff and Matt McCarthy work the booth during the Boys HS Rugby National Championships for FloRugby. Dan Bandoni photo.

As you may have seen, I have taken a position with FloRugby.com.

Alex Goff Joins FloRugby As Senior Editor

I am very, very excited to announce this change, and also know that readers might want a little bit more information. FloRugby.com is part of FloSports.tv, a combination sports news and OTT media company that covers almost 30 sports and pursuits, from wrestling to auto racing, cheerleading to rodeo. It's really, cool, and even cooler that, thanks to some hard work by some rugby people and forward-thinking people within FloSports, they have added rugby.

My job will be to provide content for FloRugby, and also help direct FloRugby's ambitious plans to provide high-quality, live webstream coverage of gams and tournaments. This is where FloRugby will bring something new and special to the sport. We will provide consistent, well-produced, and intelligent coverage of the game. This was already on display in the extensive video coverage of the Boys HS Rugby National Championships.

FloRugby.com provides written and a lot of video content for free, but the live events will require a signup. However, if you sign up for the annual subscription, you will have access to any FloSports premium content (or, as FloSports calls it, any FloSports Vertical). So if you're a huge rugby fan, but also something of an MMA fan, you can access content FloCombat and FloGrappling. Soon, even monthly subscriptions will have that access.

I will still write for Goff Rugby Report, and Goff Rugby Report will continue to operate. Som GRR content will move to FloRugby, as you no doubt have seen. Some GRR content will steer you to additional information on FloRugby. But GRR will also have its own content. The idea is to make it easier for fans of Goff Rugby Report to navigate the changes.

So exciting times for me, and I hope you will support both Goff Rugby Report and FloRugby, and make both sites your daily stops for rugby coverage. Great things are coming.