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Girls Age Grades Need More Skill Development - Snape Rogers

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Girls Age Grades Need More Skill Development - Snape Rogers

With the Girls HS All Americans on their way to the European U18 7s championships this coming weekend in France, we we wanted to look at where we are as an age-grade program overall.

Will Snape Rogers, who heads up the Women U20s and worked closely with the Girls HS All Americans spoke with Goff Rugby Report's Alex Goff about the programs.

"It's really important that we look at those guys under one blanket," said Snape Rogers.

The programs played against their Canadian counterparts this summer and lost, but "you saw the growth," said Snape Rogers. Those games, he said, were hugely important. Canada, he added, has a huge advantage with a stronger provincial championship, but to compete with that the HSAA and U20s can work with the US Rugby Academy with Atavus (the sponsor of the programs).

"Canada were better at certain fundamental skill areas and we need to get better as a country in those areas," he said. And the academy system that Atavus is working on with the girls programs is what will get them there. The USA players weren't less physical, and weren't less athletic, said Snape Rogers. it was all about skill enhancement, and that's where Atavus will help.

To see the entire interview with Snape Rogers, see the video below (if the video doesn't embed, please refresh the page).