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Gateway Conference Coming to a Head

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Gateway Conference Coming to a Head

Principia has been running away with it.

The Gateway Men's DII Conference has its Eastern Division #1 seed decided as Principia has continued to roll through the opposition there.

Gateway East Results:
SLU 41-5 SIU
SIU 0-81 Principia
SLU 25-0 Maryville
Washington U. 45-0 SIU
SLU 17-12 Washington U.
Maryville 0-28 Principia
Principia 40-7 SLU
SIU 28-0 Maryville
Principia 82-0 Washington U.

Principia's impressive win over Washington University sealed first for the Thunder Chickens at 4-0. St. Louis University is 2nd at 3-1.

With some talented rookies and the leadership of the likes of Sjaen Lucas, Damir Conci, and Bradley Mayekiso in the backs, fullback Kudzai Chiwara, and No. 8 Emmanuel Atiko, Principia has continued to improve.

Meanwhile, said new Head Coach who was once the old Head Coach Ward Patterson, there is a fine herd of rookies who have really settled into the culture and demands of rugby, despite never having seen a ball before August. We will keep slogging away."

In the West, there is still some work to do to figure out who's on top.

Central Missouri, Pitt State, and Missouri S&T are all in with a shot. 

John Brown 10-29 Pitt State
UMS&T 5-5 Central Missouri
John Brown 19-62 Central Missouri
John Brown 0-28 UMS&T
Pitt State 24-21 Central Missouri

Central Missouri leads in points currently but S&T and Pitt State face off this coming weekend. The winner of that game will be #1 and the #2 seed could be UCM but could be the loser of that match. They are all very close as Pitt State beat UCM by three and S&T tied Central Missouri.

The top two from each side face off in the Gateway semis.