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Friday Reflects on Brutal Series, LA Expectations

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Friday Reflects on Brutal Series, LA Expectations

Mike Friday and Rookie the Eagle at the 2022 LA 7s. David Barpal photo.

The USA Men’s 7s team were 2nd in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series before Sydney, and then dropped to 7th.

Little issues with the team’s performance made that big change.

“It’s just ruthless,” said USA Head Coach Mike Friday. “If you get things slightly wrong, a couple of ball presents wrong, that’s the difference between winning and losing.”

That happened also in the semifinal against Argentina in Hamilton.

“In some of our attacking play in Sydney we lose a couple of kickoffs and don’t get field positions vs Ireland and they beat us.

“The World Series is unforgiving. If you’re slightly off you run the risk of losing. That’s the nature of the brutality of 7s.”

And with the Series so close, you mess up a little and you slide down. Friday talks about that here.

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There’s a Lot Going Right

“We’re finding our attacking continuity and we look like we’ve got different threats around the pitch,” continued Friday. “We’re working hard on keeping the ball alive as well as using our physicality and power.”

Friday said there needs to be more variety in their attack, but they also have to execute the basics.

“We’re at our best when we get our set piece launch right,” said Friday. “We’ve evolved our defensive system and how we work within that system is gradually getting better.”

Winning and Playing at Home

Winning is fun, and preferable, but you can’t judge it all on that, advised Friday. With new players being introduced. With the frustration of the injury to Lucas Lacamp. With some players still learning the ropes, and with the team in a pretty brutal pool that includes Chile, Samoa, and New Zealand, the Eagles sometimes have to find the little victories within the games.

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“It’s always a great feeling and full of excitement to be playing at home,” said Friday. “The players enjoy playing on home soil and it brings out the best in them. But it is a brutal pool.”

As the same time, however, Friday looks at the athleticism and abilities of his team, and he turns it around. 

“Everybody looks at who we’ve got in our pool, but we’re probably the one team nobody wants in their pool,” he added. “We have the power and the pace and the speed to compete with anyone.”

And they’re playing at home.