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Final HS Single-School Rankings Analysis

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Final HS Single-School Rankings Analysis

Dan Bandoni photo.

Goff Rugby Report and FloRugby have concluded the Boys Single-School Rankings with the final rankings offering of the 2016-17 season.

Right at the end of the rankings period, we have been moving teams in and out of the Top 50, and even the Top 5. This final week was no different. 

Championship weekends in Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut, and Massachusetts prompted moves. In addition, Kahuku's tour of New Zealand reminded us of something we knew all along ... the Raiders are awesome.

The Final Rankings Are Here.

Also, in case you were wondering who was #1 through the season:

We ranked over 18 weeks (but skipped one week so it's only 17 rankings). 

Most Weeks Ranked #1:
Jesuit Sacramento 8
Gonzaga 5
St. Ignatius (Ohio) 3
Xavier 1


Weeks in the Top 5
Gonzaga 17 (Highest #1)

Greenwich 1 (5)

Herriman 9 (4)

Kahuku 4 (4)

Penn 16 (2)

Jesuit 17 (1)

St. Edward 1 (5)

St. Ignatius 7 (1)

Xavier 13 (1)