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Falcon 7s a Chance For High-Level Women and Girls Competition

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Falcon 7s a Chance For High-Level Women and Girls Competition

Falcons 7s is June 26-27, 2021.

The American Rugby Pro Training Center is hosting an elite-level 7s tournament for women and girls teams June 26-27.

The Falcon 7s is designed for top-level teams to get strong competition, and will concentrate on only women and girls.

"We love men's rugby but this is a chance to make women's rugby and girls rugby front and center," said ARPTC Founder Julie McCoy. "We would challenge every National Development Program to enter a team, and we also want teams that aren't NDPs but know they can compete to enter."

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The tournaments will have a couple of unique features that make them a little more interesting. First off, there will be an Top-Flight and Club tournament in each age bracket — Girls U18 and Women 18 and over. The winner of the Club competition on the first day will be promoted into the Top-Flight tournament for Day Two, and the last-place team in the Top-Flight tournament will track to the Club Division on Day Two.

"What this does is rewards teams that do well with stiffer competition," said McCoy. "the way we go into these events is that while we like winning, development is the key goal here. So if you're doing really well in the Open Division, you should welcome the chance to play stiffer competition."

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And on the other end, this format makes the 7ths vs 8th team playoff extra meaningful.

The other wrinkle is that the MVP of each bracket will receive a full scholarship to the ARPTC Fall Residency. 

"The entire event is about getting more high-level games and exposure to young players," said McCoy. "We're not going to get better unless we keep looking for those opportunities.

Teams and individuals can register to play. If you are a player without a team, ARPTC will find you a team, probably with ARPTC.

For more information about the Falcon 7s or to register, go here >>