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Evolution 7s Has Big Weekend at LVI

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Evolution 7s Has Big Weekend at LVI

The Evolution 7s won the Boys Open 7s in Las Vegas, with the new girls team taking 8th, an impressive showing for the Idaho-based program.

The Boys team was led by several strong performances, with captain Logan Hill at the head of the effort, with Jackson Pabst, Jake Pingree, Clint Hersey, Tiai Vavao, Tyson Bradford, and Tyler Williams having srong weekends.

"Even though we are not currently in-season for 15s or 7s, and the weather is a big factor with snow and rain, our preparation has gone really well and injury-free leading into the tournament," said Wesley Van Tonder, who oversees the program. "We are very excited to field a girls team for the first time. Because of Evolution's success last year we are getting requests from athletes in other states to try and get a foothold in those states to get national representation."

Former Evolution player Kyle Van Tonder returned to help the head coaches Jay Singleston (boys) and Jeff Harward (girls).

"Our coaches have worked hard to coach academy principles and structures but at the same time implementing their own spin on the team," said the elder Van Tonder.

For the girls, Nyah Cordero, Callie Phillips, Jocelyn Hanson, Heather Thomas, Nikki Truxal Starnes, Ashelynn Peart, and Sophia Moss all had solid performances.