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EIRA Player of the Week - Cognac Oliver

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EIRA Player of the Week - Cognac Oliver

Photo courtesy Rugby Oregon.

In getting to the final of the Rugby Oregon Boys Club competition, Northside needed something special, and they got it.

The Panthers blew through their Black Conference season, going undefeated, and faced off with the defending state champion Beaverton Barbarians in the semis. It was a tough, defensive game, something the Panthers aren't used to. But somehow they held on, and got two big, big tries from wing Cognac Oliver.

That's all they needed, as the Panthers won the semifinal 12-5 and are now set to meet Polk County in the final. 

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"The guys were a little frustrated, I could see it in their faces," said Northside Coach Tony Iongi. "They knew we can do better. But we got some big plays from Oliver. He is new to the sport but he's picked it up really well. He is such a powerful runners. That's what I tell him to do - like in the movie - Run Forrest Run."

And he does. Oliver is nicknamed Bullet - as in "faster than a speeding ..." - and while he isn't necessarily superman, his performance this past weekend had something of the hero about it.

"He's still learning but he's learned a lot," said Iongi. "He's not scared of contact and he's a terrific athlete. I'm just happy we've got him for another year."

So are we.

Cognac Oliver is our Eagle Impact Rugby Academy Player of the Week.