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EIRA Player of the Week - Bailey Abercrombie

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EIRA Player of the Week - Bailey Abercrombie

No. 8, flanker, or center, Abercombie makes tackles. Dan Bandoni photo.

There are a lot of expectations every time the Jesuit of Sacramento rugby team takes the field, and leading a team with those expectations isn't easy.

For Bailey Abercrombie, that's his job. As a co-captain of Jesuit, Abercrombie leads by example, making the tackles, and winning ruck ball. But he can also do some flashy stuff, as he demonstrated this week against Kahuku, busting through the Hawaiian team's defense to set up attacking chances.

It was the same the week before in the close win over Granite Bay. When he's needed, Abercrombie will take charge and, more often than not, set someone up for a scoring chance.

Set to attend West Point in the fall, Bailey Abercrombie keeps the Jesuit team together whether he is playing in the back row or at center.

West Point Camp

"He is a team captain and school leader," said Head Coach John Shorey. “We have asked the players to be more than just rugby players, we are asking them to be students of the game – study film, have an understanding of the pattern and what is expected of all 15 players on the field. Bailey is a very gifted player who can play in the back row and in the backline. He has a high rugby IQ and also leads by effort. He's a great kid."

Bailey Abercrombie is our Eagle Impact Rugby Academy Player of the Week.