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DSHA Solid Atop Midwest

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DSHA Solid Atop Midwest

This is a pic from the 2023 Midwest championship. Photo Alex Goff.

Divine Savior Holy Angels dominated through the Girls Midwest Championships in Elkhart, Ind.

DSHA beat Medina, St. Joseph's Academy (both of Ohio) and Michigan's Sparta Rock in the final, winning by a combined 152-5, with Sparta Rock being the only team to score on the Milwaukee-area school team.

St. Joe's edged Catholic Memorial for 3rd.

DSHA won their Wisconsin league in the fall in controlling fashion and now are on their buildup to the Girls HS National Championships. This was a big step forward for the 2023 champs.

In the end, it was clear there was a big difference between the top teams and the rest. DSHA was way ahead of everyone else, but after that Sparta Rock, St. Joe's, and Catholic were all fairly close to each other. The next level is probably Chargers and Medina (yes Medina lost 58-0 to DSHA but ... take a number; they ended up beating Chargers for 5th and Chargers pushed Sparta Rock). And there is a bit more of a gap to Warsaw and Grandville.

DSHA also fielded a JV side and that team was even stronger in comparison, winning three games by a combined score of 243-5. 

Catholic Memorial 42-21 Warsaw
Chargers 12-27 Sparta Rock

Divine Savior 58-0 Medina
Grandville 0-38 St. Joseph's

5th Place SF:
Warsaw 19-34 Chargers
Medina 48-5 Grandville

Catholic Memorial 17-24 Sparta Rock
DSHA 62-0 St. Joseph's

Warsaw 22-15 Grandville

Medina 21-0 Chargers

Catholic Memorial 17-22 St. Joseph's

Cup Final
DSHA 32-5 Sparta Rock