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Draft Day Approaches. Check out GRR's 6-Show Pre-Draft Series

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Draft Day Approaches. Check out GRR's 6-Show Pre-Draft Series

The Major League Draft announcements start at 6:30PM ET Thursday August 17.

The Major League Rugby Draft is set for Thursday night with the first pick being announced some time after 6:30PM ET.

Now, the draft is being announced tomorrow, but the picks are made earlier—this allows Major League Rugby to announce the picks quickly and not spend hours waiting for team to make their choices. (With 39 picks, if teams took an average of five minutes to make a choice the should would still exceed three hours.)

In addition, several deals have been made to trade draft picks, and the league doesn't want last-minute trades to delay it all.

So the draft sequence is this:

(Uodate: Atlanta has confirmed that they are moving to Los Angeles, so when you "Atlanta" know it's actualy going to be LA.)

Round 1
1. Miami
2. Houston (from Toronto)
3. Dallas
4. Chicago
5. Atlanta
7. NOLA (from Utah)
8. New York
9. Houston 
10. San Diego (from DC)
11. NOLA (from Seattle)
12. San Diego
13. New England

Round 2
14. Miami
15. Toronto
16. Chicago (from Dallas)
17. Chicago
18. Atlanta
19. Utah (from NOLA)
20. Utah
21. New York
22. Utah (Houston)
23. New England (DC)
24 Seattle
25. San Diego
26. New England

Round 3
27. Miami
28. Toronto
29. Dallas
30. Chicago
31. Atlanta
32. Dallas (from NOLA)
33. Utah
34. New York
35. Houston
36. Dallas (from DC)
37. Atlanta (from Seattle)
38. San Diego
39. Atlanta (from New England)

And, as you well know, GRR has been doing a series of preview shows talking about the players who declared for the draft and who seemed likely to be drafted. It's. six-show series and below you can see all six episodes.