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Doylestown Undefeated in PA 7s

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Doylestown Undefeated in PA 7s

Doylestown gets past West Shore. (Photo: Kent Miller)

In a fall 7s league that sees many teams struggle for consistent numbers, Doylestown is 8-0 and leading the Rugby Pennsylvania Girls High School 7s league. The repeat state champion won the opening West Shore 7s over a five-team field, and then won the Valkyries' tournament last weekend to head the standings.

Doylestown coach Stacy Mancuso, who has been a driving force in establishing the fall 7s league these past few years, is eager to see how the squad will evolve without its former captains, Megan Lynott (St. Joe’s) and Sophie Pyrz (Penn State).

“We may not be as experienced as the Doylestown 7s team from the past two years; however, the girls are dedicated and brilliant athletes who want to take their talent to the next level,” Mancuso informed.

Doylestown picked up two strong players from Keystone: Paige Krahling (sister to All American Joie) and Alex DiMarco, who’s played with the Atlantis U16s. They have been training with Doylestown for the previous five months and have intensified play on both sides of the ball.

“Alex Dimarco and Alex Pogorzelski are a dangerous combination when playing side by side,” Mancuso said of the halfback combo. “Both are naturally gifted athletically and can read the game very well for only playing a short amount of time. They are able to expose gaps and break through with explosive speed multiple times a match. Our defense is also very strong this year with multiple turnovers being caused by key players Tori Robinson, Paige Krahling and Mia Walsh.”

The competition has varied so far. The opening tournament in Kiski Valley was cancelled due to lack of numbers, and participation has continued to fluctuate across the board. Last weekend, squads combined, some matches were cancelled, and some teams have yet to debut on the circuit. Even Doylestown has pulled out of this weekend’s event, as a critical number of players will be attending the State College recruitment weekend or Atlantis camp. That said, teams have made some initial impressions.

High School All American try-scorer Daz Williams headlines a strong West Shore 7s team; Rugby PA all-star Alexa Weaver has added more speed to Downingtown; and Hempfield brings some influential size to the pitch.

“I am really excited to see what improvements can be accomplished over the next few weeks but am confident we will be a top competitor when we take the field at States on October 25,” forecasted Mancuso, whose team beat every opponent by three tries or more. “The players are extremely hard workers who have an incredible amount of talent and willingness to improve themselves as well as learn a team system of play.”

Penn Legacy hosts the third series stop this weekend and welcomes Chambersburg, Downingtown, Fairfax, and Valkyries to the event. It’s an opportunity to close some ground on Doylestown, and more importantly, to keep playing and supporting a 7s season. 

Valkyries 7s - Sept. 26-27
Valkyries 0   36 Doylestown/Keystone
Chambersburg 0 41 Downingtown
Kiski Valley 12 17 Penn Legacy
Doylestown/Keystone 36 0 Downingtown
Kiski Valley 34 5 Chambersburg
Valkyries 19 12 Penn Legacy
Downingtown/Keystone 15 5 Kiski Valley
Valkyries 39 5 Chambersburg
Penn Legacy 7 24 Doylestown/Keystone
Valkyries 7 7 Kiski Valley
Penn Legacy 5 32 Downingtown
Kiski Valley 5 34 Doylestown/Keystone
Penn Legacy 32 10 Chambersburg