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DIA Games and Picks Nov 8-9: Playoffs and More

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DIA Games and Picks Nov 8-9: Playoffs and More

Baylor started strong. Owen Matt photo.

Well we were 15-1 in our picks last week (including two "pick 'em" games that were very close); only our pick of Colorado State vs Colorado was wrong.

It was tough on Colorado State, because their coaching staff was part of the English Premiership coaching program and weren't there. With snow causing problems finding training space, the Rams weren't in a good position to put their best foot forward. Colorado was. 

Colorado Downs Colorado State

OK, with that out of the way, we're hitting a period where some conferences pick up, others slow down, and some have playoffs.

The Big Ten plays its Finals Day. 

Big Ten Playoff Matchups Hinge On Final Game

Michigan Over Michigan State In Key Midweek Makeup

The Liberty Conference has its playoff this weekend with the division winners Syracuse and Northeastern facing off with the top 2nd-place team, Boston College, and AIC, which fills in for Iona, who won't be a part of any playoff

Syracuse is 7-0 in conference play and has allowed only nine points a game. Northeastern has also been undefeated, but has pushed by BC, Fordham, and UMass. 

Gamebreakers DI College Nov 1-3

The Red River moves on with an early test for Texas A&M and Baylor. Both teams rode strong second halves to win openers. Baylor has a snappy center in Taylor McGehee, who scored two tries against LSU last week, and Luke Davis has emerged as an effective flyhalf. This week's captain and last week's scrumhalf Derek Allen also scored two tries and leads the team really well. The only bad news for Baylor is that flanker Griffin Maat suffered a concussion and is probably going to take the season off.

Texas A&M Wins But UT Shows Promise

This week then, we find out if Ohio State or Indiana are tops in the Big Ten, we find out who is bubbling to top of the Liberty, and we also get moving on the Mid-South. Davenport plays Clemson, while we see the first real outing for Life University. Navy has a shot at shaking up the DIA rankings with a win. It's likely Life will win, but you never know.

(Rankings 1-20 are D1A official rankings. 21-50 are GRR rankings. If there's a conflict, that's explained)

Check back for scores

Date       Conference GRR Pick
11/8/2019 Utah Valley 5-85 BYU (8) Rocky Mountain BYU by 40
11/9/2019 Notre Dame College (11) 59-12 Mary Washington (31) Rugby East NDC by 5
11/9/2019 Texas 48-19 LSU (48) Red River LSU by 11
11/9/2019 Army (12) 31-14 Penn State (10) Rugby East Penn State by 9
11/9/2019 Texas A&M (25) 30-17 Baylor (42) Red River Pick 'em
11/9/2019 North Texas  8-41 Oklahoma (28) Red River OU by 15
11/9/2019 Indiana (15) 34-7 Ohio State (17) Big 10 Final Indiana by 5
11/9/2019 Michigan (35) 10-45 Illinois (21) Big 10 3rd/4th Illinois by 6
11/9/2019 Wisconsin (38) 44-10 Michigan State (34) Big 10 5th/6th Wisconsin by 10
11/9/2019 Minnesota (47) 41-29 Purdue Big 10 7th/8th Minnesota by 12
11/9/2019 Wyoming 17-48 Air Force (40) Rocky Mountain Air Force by 14
11/9/2019 Colorado (16 GRR) 43-7 Utah State (50) Rocky Mountain Colorado by 15
11/9/2019 Boston College (29) 39-10 Syracuse (27) Liberty SF Pick 'em
11/10/2019 AIC (36) 19-24 Northeastern (30) Liberty SF Pick 'em
11/9/2019 Fairfield (44) 32-57 Iona (13) Liberty Iona by 30
11/9/2019 Binghamton 29-17 Rutgers Liberty Binghamton by 10
11/9/2019 Davenport (9) 45-29 Clemson (23) Mid-South Davenport by 11
11/9/2019 Life (1) 24-19 Navy (5) Mid-South Life by 15
11/9/2019 Arkansas (DIAA) 0-99 Arkansas State (7) Crossover ASU by a lot