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DI Championship All-Tourney Team Named

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DI Championship All-Tourney Team Named

Kaitlyn Broughton is one of five Life players named to the list. (J-2 Photography)

There was a lot of talent in Pittsburgh last weekend, when eight of the top women’s DI and DII colleges competed for their respective spring championships. As such, we polled the final-four coaches for nominations to an all-tournament team, and then weighed those selections against the recommendations of a national team scout who was identifying players on site.



What emerged is the below 23-player all-star squad that consists of 15 starters and eight reserves (stay tuned for DII). Remember that players weren’t selected on their body of work during the year, but how they performed in two playoff games. Additionally, there was no filling of positional gaps Meaning, a team would normally need more than two locks, for example, on a 23-player squad, but the All-Tournament Team only includes those players whom the coaches and scout nominated. 

DI finalists Central Washington and Women’s Cougar Rugby (BYU) have the most representatives with seven apiece, Life has five players, and West Chester four.

Women DI College Spring Championship – All Tournament Team
Front Row
Rebeka Boaz (BYU)
Anna Bocchino (West Chester)
Suli Tausinga (Central Washington)
Tayler Van Hoosier (Life)
Angela Ve'evalu (Central Washington)

2nd Row (2)
Haley Schafer (Central Washington)
Meighan Stevens (BYU)

Back Row (5)
Sam Elmore (Life)
Erin Gallagher (West Chester)
Justina Grubb (BYU)
Jenny Johnson (Central Washington)
Nicole Strasko (Life)

Halfbacks (3)
Nicole McCullough (BYU)
Ros Pena (Central Washington)
Sam Tretter (West Chester)

Centers (5)
Nicole Benedetti (West Chester)
Kaitlyn Broughton (Life)
Jordan Gray (BYU)
Kayla Richardson (BYU)
Nate Serevi (Central Washington)

Back Three (3)
Deshel Ferguson (Life)
Cassidy Meyers (Central Washington)
Jessica Peterson (BYU)