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GRR: Women DI College

01.26.2023 - Alex Goff

At least 18 women's D1 college teams are in action this weekend with an eye toward a spring championship in Houston.

These are CRAA teams and the Florida, Pacific Mountain, and Pacific Desert conferences are heating up really quick.

Pacific Mountain

12.07.2022 - Alex Goff

This fall produced fully nine women’s collegiate champions on at least a moderately national level.


Three of them were in the NCAA varsity league, NIRA.

Young Bowdoin Forwards Lead Way to NIRA DIII Title

11.26.2022 - GRR Staff

The College Rugby Association of America Fall Classic is all set with seven games over the weekend in Charlotte, NC.

11.14.2022 - Alex Goff

The CRAA Women's D1 semifinals are ready for November 19 at the US Naval Academy as both UConn and Navy won games this weekend.

UConn got by Virginia with a late try to win 10-5. The try came after a long period of pressure where the Hokies held out desperately. Finally the Huskies were able to get it over in the corner.

11.10.2022 - Alex Goff

CRAA oversees three women's playoff brackets, two of which kick off this weekend.

D1 Elite

The D1 Elite semifinal are set for November 19 with the final December 3 in Charlotte, NC.