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D1 Elite Postseason Set, With A Surprise

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D1 Elite Postseason Set, With A Surprise

Photo Todd Lunow.

We are set for the D1 Elite women's college playoffs and the extra good news is that there's a new player in the game.

After having been unable to play any games during the comeback from the COVID lockdowns, Penn State University might ... might ... be able to get a game in to start the postseason.

Of course under normal circumstances the idea of bringing a team that hadn't played a game into the postseason would be frowned upon. But this is the COVID Times, and you adjust. When a team is ready to play, you give them an opportunity to play.

So ... this is how it will all shake down:

Lindenwood is the #1 seed and will host a semifinal on April 17 at 7PM Central Time.

Central Washington is the #2 seed and will host #3 Life University in a semifinal on April 17 at NOON Pacific Time.

Who Lindenwood will play is yet to be decided. The current plan is to have Penn State visit Brigham Young University on April 10. Penn State, by virtue of accumulating no points because they didn't play any games, is the #5 seed, while BYU at 0-3, is the #4 seed. They will have that play-in game to decide who gets to visit Lindenwood.

Things have loosened up at Penn State enough for the Nittany Lions to train and possibly play. Everyone is hoping that will come to pass.

Women D1 Elite 2021 Scores
2/20 Life 17-39 Lindenwood D1 Elite
2/27 BYU 13-43 Central Washington D1 Elite
3/6 Lindenwood 51-0 Life D1 Elite
3/13 Central Washington 26-8 BYU D1 Elite
3/14 Penn State Ccld Lindenwood D1 Elite
3/20 Penn State Ccld Life D1 Elite
3/20 Lindenwood 62-12 Central Washington D1 Elite
3/27 Central Washington 10-5 Life D1 Elite
3/27 Lindenwood 77-5 BYU D1 Elite
4/10 Penn State at BYU D1 Elite Play-in
4/17 Winner of Play-in at Lindenwood D1 Elite Semi
4/17 Life at Central Washington D1 Elite Semi
4/24 Winner of Semifinal 1 v Winner of Semifinal 2 D1 Elite Final


Women D1 Elite Standings W L T PF PA PD BT BL Pts
Lindenwood 4 0 0 229 34 195 4 0 20
CWU 3 1 0 91 88 3 2 0 14
Life 0 3 0 22 100 -78 0 1 1
BYU 0 3 0 26 146 -120 0 0 0
Penn State 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0