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Combined HS Rankings: HS Club 2015-2020

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Combined HS Rankings: HS Club 2015-2020

Two of the top teams of the past six years, Royal Irish and Fort Hunt. Photo Dan Bandoni.

We tracked the combined final season rankings of all the high school teams from 2015-2020, and we came across some surprises.

In the HS Club bracket, it's not a surprise to us that Royal Irish gets the top spot, given that the Indianapolis program has been in just about every final in the last six years. That Danville was a close second is also expected, and Back Bay did well to be #3.

But what did surprise us was how few teams actually made the rankings all six years. Only ten programs accomplished that feat, which was much more common in single-school division. Why? Well it's likely because club teams have to work a lot harder to recruit and maintain coaching and funding. As a result, every now and then, they hit a rough patch. Or, often they merge with another club or change status somehow.

As a result, several of those teams that made this top 50 only made the rankings in two of the six years we're talking about. 

Our tiebreakers for the points system (a system that awards points for each ranking place, plus an extra point for every year ranked) starts with which team had the highest single-year ranking. We actually had to go to seconday tiebreakers (which team had the best second-highest ranking) for one of these.

(Note: we had a slight data collection mishap that unfortunately had a direct effect on some of the rankings. Our fault, we had problems with one of the years, and have since fixed it.)

Goff Rugby Report Combined HS Cub Ranking 2015-2020
Rank HS Club Team Ranking Score
1 Royal Irish (Ind.) 358
2 Danville Oaks (Calif.) 354
3 Back Bay (Calif.) 344
4 Woodlands (Texas) 304
5 West Valley Warriors (Utah) 303
6 United (Utah) 302
7 Fort Hunt (Va.) 296
8 Granite Bay (Calif.) 283
9 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) 281
10 Red Mountain (Ariz.) 219
11 Doylestown (Pa.) 207
12 Belmont Shore (Calif.) 205
13 South Greenville (SC) 196
14 Charlotte Tigers (NC) 189
15 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) 186
16 Liberty (Wash.) 183
17 Coastal Dragons (Calif.) 180
18 SFGG (Calif.) 172
19 Eastside (Wash.) 168
20 Genesis (Utah) 167
21 Phoenix Alpharetta (Ga.) 147
22 Bayou Hurricanes (La.) 147
23 Peninsula Green (Calif.) 145
24 West End (Va.) 144
25 Aspetuck (Conn.) 140

Goff Rugby Report Combined HS Club Ranking 2015-2020
Rank HS Club Team Ranking Score
26 Raleigh Redhawks (NC) 139
27 Katy (Texas) 139
28 Chargers (Wisc.) 139
29 CK McClatchy (Calif.) 128
30 Orlando (Fla.) 123
31 Santa Monica (Calif.) 122
32 Tacoma (Wash.) 122
33 Lamorinda (Calif.) 115
34 Harpeth (Tenn.) 111
35 West Shore United (Pa.) 105
36 Union Co. (NJ) 104
37 Quins Colts (Texas) 101
38 Beaverton (OR) 101
39 Rock Rugby (Texas) 101
40 Eastside Tsunami (Ore.) 100
41 Jupiter (Fla.) 94
42 Germantown (Tenn.) 91
43 Jacksonville (Fla.) 89
44 West Jordan (Utah) 89
45 Clayton (NC) 88
46 PAC (Colo.) 83
47 Pulaski (Wisc.) 83
48 Allen (Texas) 81
49 Maryland Exiles (Md.) 77
50 Tempe (Ariz.) 76

Goff Rugby Report Combined HS Club Ranking 2015-2020