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Club 7s Men's Signes Cup Wide Open

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Club 7s Men's Signes Cup Wide Open

Old Blue is back at it again. Photo from 2018 by Colleen McCloskey.

As many as 208 rugby players could be in action in the Men's Club 7s Championships Signes Cup bracket, with 16 teams set to take the field tomorrow in Tukwila, Wash.

The 16 teams can have a roster of up to 13, with at least nine having to be US citizens. Three can be non-citizens and a fourth can either be a green card holder or a US citizen.

As reported earlier, the teams are varied in terms of experience and level of play, with a squad like Atlanta Old White being heavy in recent Life University players, while outfits such as defending 2019 champs Washington Athletic Club fielding local players who have been involved in the Club 7s Championships for years.

(The Seattle-based 7s team, which was Old Puget Sound Beach, then Seattle-OPSB, then Seattle Saracens, and now Washington Athletic Club, have won this tournament nine times.) On that WAC team is Mike Palefau, who was the MVP of this tournament in ... 2008. Yet he's hardly lost a step. Interestingly, of the last 26 champions, only four teams are represented in the Signes Cup bracket—WAC, Old Blue of New York, Belmont Shore, and the Chicago Lions. The Lions (Champions in 2007) have a fairly young team with several current or just-graduated collegiates. Old Blue (Champions in 2005) will see one of their historically strongest 7s players, Gavan D'Amore-Morrison, on the opposite coast playing for Life West. 

But Old Blue has built a young, talented group around some experience (such as Derek Lipscomb) and with the likes of Chase Schor Haskin on the squad have a new look. Belmont Shore is seasoned, with Max Paronelli, Danny Thomas, Ben Weischedel, and Rob Newcomb have all been there before. Unity will be their passage through.

Of the teams in the Signes Cup, four others have also made the final since 1994—Schuylkill River (once, in 2011), NOVA (1995, 1999), Life West (2019), and the Denver Barbarians (bridesmaids in 2001, 2004, 2013, 2015, and 2017). Just to twist the knife a bit more, the Barbarians were also runners-up three times in the 1980s. They have never won this tournament despite being among the favorites almost every year—something that is not news to anyone in the Barbos organization, as they are painfully aware of this gap in their trophy case.

Here are the rosters:

USA Men's Signes Cup Club 7s Rosters So Far
Atlanta Old White  Tito Bautista Vargas
  Orrin Bizer
  Colton Cariaga
  Michael Islava
  Maciu Koroi
  Gabe Michnya
  Zac Mizell
  Drew Moyes
  George Phelan
  Julian Roberts
  Palema Roberts
  John Scotti
  Daemon Torres
  Daemon Torres
Austin Huns  Jack Casey
  Ricky Chestnutwood
  Brendon Curle
  Case Fleck
  James Hoffman
  Zane Jackson
  Brandon Johnson
  Corey Jones
  Spence McManes
  Patrick Moulder
  Shamall Schoonmaker
  Joshua Williams
  Austin Willis
Belmont Shore Rugby  Jacob Barry
  Graham Bishop
  Adam Channel
  Alejandro Duran
  Gerald Lowe
  James Muse
  Max Paronelli
  Danny Thomas
  Brenden Wallner
  Ben Weischedel
  Rob Newcomb
Chicago Lions  Christian Artuso
  Clarence Biénès
  Noah Brown
  Kai Carlberg
  Will Chevalier
  Aaron AC Cummings
  Alex Dorrier
  Willis Goodwin
  Jacob Hidalgo
  Thomas Kacor
  Terran Meek
  Gonzalo Mendoza
  Michael Ziegler
Dallas Rugby  Blake Blaylock
  Dylan Carrion
  Spike Davis
  Alex Elali
  Mohamed Haddar
  Hayden Hill
  Breyten Maritz
  Deionte McMurray
  Maikeli Naromaitoga
  Benjamin Olie
  Darrien Pipkins
  Juan Ruiz
  Christian Schulze
  Christian Tanner
  Ludwig Van der Merwe
Denver Barbarians Celester Asuega
  Mickey Bateman
  Malik Bryant
  Logan Collins
  Matt Long
  Jeremy Misailegalu
  Norvel Stewart
  Eric Sykes Jr
  Ryan Walker
  Alex Wormer
  Matt Long
  Celester Asuega
Life West Gladiators  Gavan D'Amore-Morrison
  Keoni Dellermann
  Devereaux Ferris
  Naima Fualaau
  Alex Glover
  Alex Glover
  Tavite Lopeti
  Mike McCarthy
  Skyler Mitchell
  Daniel Pusack
  Jason Severance
  Tim Stanfill
  Jared Tavares
  Payton Telea-Ilalio
  Josefa Vuatalevu
  Inoke Waqavesi
Mystic River Rugby  Jared Collinson
  Vini Daley
  Cameron Davidowicz
  Chris Frazier
  Matthew Kaltenbach
  Adnan Kawuma
  Isaiah Lopez
  Ian Luciano
  Bryan Michel
  Alexander Parciak
  Ryan Santos
  Aidan Smith
National Athletic Village  Maxim Bennett
  Jameson Bonti
  Irving Carcamo
  Nelson Hicks
  Blake Jackson
  Rob Johns
  Dmontae Noble
  PJ O'Reilly
  Seimou Smith
  Chase Suznevich
  Ethan Suznevich
  Walter Woo
Northern Virginia Rugby  Jackson Elder
  Robert Figley
  Mo Katz
  John LeFevre
  Chris Marcelin
  Michael Medlej
  Chase Miller
  Eric Populus
  Caleb Strum
  Jack Taylor
  Dacoda Worth
Oceanside Chiefs  Sierra Arteaga
  Thomas Duffy
  Tai Enosa
  Garrett Jones
  Jack Jones
  Isaiah Lutali
  James Stuck
  Manatua Vaafuti
  Danny Vega
Old Blue of New York  Sondai Adjei
  Monate Akuei
  Kevin Braithwaite
  Nic Franklyn
  Koto Fujimura
  Derek Lipscomb
  Eric Naposki
  Conor O'Brien
  Clinton Olaniyi
  Akinola Raymond
  Chase Schor Haskin
  Michael St. Claire
  Evan Williams
Schuylkill River Exiles  John Davis
  Dan Deal
  Bruce Dolan
  Jordan Ghyzel
  Danny Giannascoli
  Kyle Hegarty
  Brian Keown
  John McCurdy
  James Meyer
  Peter Mulville
  Noah Niumataiwalu
  Jack Ramirez
  Christopher Ryan
  Mitch Vannoy
St. Louis Bombers  Eric Davidson
  Terell Johnson
  Gabe Kettering
  Connor Lenihan
  Ani Mteto
  Ty Nelson
  George O’Sullivan
  Clem Quaicoe
  Casey Roller
  Marnus Spangenberg
  John Stewart
  Jaime Serna
Washington Athletic Club Cecil Ala
  Matthew Brennan
  Tommy Clark
  Scott Dean
  Ronald Dwyer
  Tristan Ingold
  Tomasi Puletu
  Vanya Sturm
  Nicholas Taylor
  Noah Wright
  Ian Wright
  Cole Zarcone
  Mike Palefau
Westside Ronins  Dion Crowder
  Sami Ma’afu
  Lauina (INA) Futi
  Marques Fuala’au
  Sitiveni Tamaivena
  Andrew Nelson
  Sevuloni Naturudregadrega
  Ian Adams
  Levi Penter
  Michael Nelson
  Shane Donovan Moore
  Penisoni Leua
  Mosese Lalasava