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Chesapeake Conference Joins NSCRO

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Chesapeake Conference Joins NSCRO

Maryland vs Salisbury from last fall. Linda Zvitkovitz photo.

The Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby Conference has confired that it will join NSCRO for the fall of this year.

Formerly a DIAA conference, the Chesapeake has run into some pushback fro other conferences because it has a couple of athletic department-supported teams as members. While American college rugby continues to struggle with defining what kind of team fits into what type of division, the Chesapeake opted to find a place where they could concentrate on conference player, and worry about the rest later.

Chesapeake Conference Adds Four Teams

The conference will be made up of nine teams. With Mary Washington returning after a year in DIA, and with Southern Virginia moving up from Small College, and Queen's University Charlotte moving up from D2, the conference might have had 10 teas, but Georgetown has moved to D2. Staying put are defending champion Virginia Tech, Mount St. Mary's, Salisbury, NC State, Maryland, and James Madison.

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The Chesapeake is one of the most competitive and entertaining conferences in the country. It routinely has more close games than any other conference, and with the addition of last year's D2 champion (Queens), the competition only gets more fierce.

Four of the teams in the Chesapeake—Mary Washington, Queens, NC State, Mount St. Mary's, and Salisbury— have won national championships at the Small College, D2, or DIAA level. 

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And in their run to the title last fall, Queens lost to Southern Virginia.