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Boys Single-School Rankings Analysis


Boys Single-School Rankings Analysis

Dan Bandoni photo.

There's nothing like a National Championship weekend to clarify your rankings, and there's nothing like a state playoff to at least give you some fodder for consideration.

That's what happened for the Goff Rugby Report - FloRugby rankings these last two weeks in the Single-School bracket. The Utah state playoffs told us that Herriman had pulled ahead of Highland. The Pennsylvania state playoffs told us that Gregory the Great was woefully under-ranked. The HS National Championships confirmed, pretty much, how our rankings were doing. Jesuit remained on top. Gonzaga finished 2nd, which wasn't that far from the #3 where we had them. Most of it started to fall into place.

However, there were some complications. What do you do with Greenwich, which lost one game at nationals, and won two in overtime (one on kicks)? What do you do with St. Edward, which finished 1-2, but wasn't completely overmatched by Gonzaga and lost in OT to Greenwich?

What about Fishers? They lost all three games at nationals, but turned around to beat Brownsburg. What do you do with that? Should we reward St. Thomas Aquinas and Charlotte Catholic for strong showings in Tier II, or say "oh, it's Tier II so, you know."

What do we do with GGA, which bat Cumberland Valley and vaulted to the Rugby Pa state title? What about Moeller beating St. Ignatius, who we had at #6, and recently at #1? As for that one, we'll ding Ignatius, but will be ready to forgive if they do well at state. GGA gets a big boost. So does Monarch out of Colorado.

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