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Boys Single-School Preseason Rankings for 2017

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Boys Single-School Preseason Rankings for 2017

One of the few teams already in action - Jesuit of New Orleans. Hudson Ellis photo.

Goff Rugby Report has our Boys single-school preseason rankings out.

The rankings are mostly based on how last season ended, with a little nudge here and there due to various tiny factors, or some early results. Everything is expected to change rather drastically as the game start.

We define single-school as a team that says it's single-school. As far as the Southern California teams go, if a team is in the single-school (Varsity Red or Varsity White) conferences, they are regarded as single-school.



Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Single-School Rankings 2017 Preseason
  Rank Team  
  1 Gonzaga (DC)  
  2 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif.)  
  3 Xavier (NY)  
  4 Herriman (Utah)  
  5 Penn (Ind.)  
  6 St. Edward (Ohio)  
  7 Greenwich (Conn.)  
  8 St. Ignatius (Ohio)  
  9 Georgetown Prep (Md.)  
  10 Mira Costa (Calif.)  
  11 Kahuku (Hawaii)  
  12 Westlake (Texas)  
  13 Regis Jesuit (Colo.)  
  14 Pelham (NY)  
  15 Lake Travis (Texas)  
  15 La Costa Canyon (Calif.)  
  17 Conestoga (Pa)  
  18 ND de la Salette (Ill.)  
  19 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)  
  20 Brownsburg (Ind.)  
  21 Edina (Minn.)  
  22 Torrey Pines (Cailf.)  
  23 Cathedral Catholic (Calif.)  
  24 Charlotte Catholic (NC)  
  25 Wando (SC)  
  26 Union (Okla.)  
  27 East HS (Colo.)  
  28 Union HS (Ore.)  
  29 Jesuit New Orleans (La.)  
  30 East HS (Utah)  
  31 Snow Canyon (Utah)  
  32 University City (Calif.)  
  33 Ravenwood (Tenn.)  
  34 St. John Bosco (Calif.)  
  35 View Park Prep (Calif.)  
  36 St. Thomas (Texas)  
  37 BC High (Mass.)  
  38 St. Joe's Prep (Pa)  
  39 Cumberland Valley (Pa.)  
  40 Greenville HS (SC)  
  41 Riviera Beach MA (Fla.)  
  42 Good Counsel (Md.)  
  43 St. Xavier (Ky.)  
  44 Mountain View (Idaho)  
  45 Bixby (Okla.)  
  46 Jesuit-Dallas (Texas)  
  47 Olympus (Utah)  
  48 Fishers (Ind.)  
  49 St. Francis (Hawaii)