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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 5

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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 5

St. Martin's lost but they move up because they lost a close one to a strong team. Griff Hastings photo.

It was an odd week what with the Torrey Pines vs Carlsbad game being abandoned.

It was a close game nearing halftime when a scuffle broke out. On video the altercation didn't look all that much of a problem, but in the interests of safety the referee called the game. It was hard to see if any team was to blame for this abandonment and we don't think the rankings are affected either way.

The big mover this week of course is St. Francis, which beat Jesuit of Sacramento. Now, a couple of things about this: 1) one can run into the trap of hanging one team's ranking on the fact they beat (or almost beat) a team ranked highly, but that initially high-ranked team was ranked highly based on a poor assumption or thin early-season evidence; 2) Jesuit still has some players set to come in (there's some winter-sport/spring-sport overlap) and we might see them be stronger in the NorCal Premier season, which starts in March. So it's possible that Jesuit could move up past St. Francis in the future if they produce the results.

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We also have the likes of St. Martin's, Hough, Dallas Jesuit, Strake Jesuit, and St. Ignatius San Francisco moving up. For Hough (and the rest of North Carolina's school season) there isn't much time for their rankings because the NC school season caps off soon. Same goes for Southern California as the next two weekends sees the competition wrapping up and the clubs stepping in. 

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC)  
2 2 De La Salle (CA) Forfeit win
3 3 Torrey Pines (CA) Match abandoned
4 4 Cathedral Catholic (CA) Fallbrook (38)
5 6 Xavier (NY)  
6 7 St. Ignatius (OH)  
7 8 East HS (UT)  
8 30 St. Francis (CA) Beat Jesuit Sacramento (5)
9 5 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Close loss to St. Francis (30)
10 12 St. Martin's (KS) Close loss to Woodlands
11 14 Hough (NC) Beat Myers Park
12 9 Fairfield Prep (CT)  
13 10 Greenwich (CT)  
14 11 Herriman (UT)  
15 15 Marvin Ridge HS (NC)  
16 16 South Meck (NC)  
17 19 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat St. Thomas (35)
18 20 Strake Jesuit (TX) Beat Lake Travis (36)
19 17 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
20 18 Georgetown Prep (MD)  
21 21 Belmont HS (MA)  
22 13 Orange Lutheran (CA) Lost to San Clemente
23 22 Gregory the Great (PA) Close loss to Vienna
24 23 St. Edward (OH)  
25 25 Loyola LA (CA) Beat John Muir
26 26 Los Alamitos (CA) Beat Valley Center
27 24 Moeller (OH)  
28 27 SLUH (MO)  
29 28 Bixby (OK)  
30 29 East HS (CO)  
31 31 Penn (IN)  
32 32 Oceanside (SC)  
33 40 St. Ignatius SF (CA) Beat San Joaquin Mem.
34 36 Lake Travis (TX) Lost to Strake Jesuit (20)
35 38 Fallbrook (CA) Lost to Cathedral (4)
36 33 Pelham HS (NY)  
37 34 Rye (NY)  
38 39 Mira Costa (CA) Beat Warren HS
39 35 St. Thomas Hou. (TX) Lost to Dallas Jesuit (19)
40 41 Monarch (CO)  
41 42 Eagle (ID)  
42 43 Owyhee (ID)  
43 44 ND de la Salette (IL)  
44 37 Brophy Prep (AZ) Lost to Scottsdale
45 48 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Beat FFA
46 45 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS)  
47 46 St. Augustine (NJ)  
48 47 St. Xavier (OH)  
49 49 Edina (MN)  
50 50 LaSalle (PA)