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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 15

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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 15

St. Edward, in white, and St. Ignatius, in blue and gold, in last Saturday's game. Jack Nece photo.

Yes we're late with this. Many factors contributed to use being behind schedule and then Herriman was slated to play East HS Wednesday night and we figured, hey, let's just wait for that.

After all, that was a top-10 matchup.

It was worth it, as we knew it would be regardless of which team won. But Herriman's fairly impressive 49-34 win also posed some interesting questions for us here at the secret underground bunker that is GRR World Headquarters. Mostly the questions center around Herriman's 28-0 loss to Layton Christian—sign of Herriman's fall or LCA's rise, or a bit of both? And is St. Thomas Aquinas's win over St. Martin's, a to-be-celebrated victory over another Top 10 team, or not emphatic enough because they just squeaked by? 

And what about De La Salle? Is it fair to say Northern California has slipped a bit (and this is based largely on just a couple of results) or are we being too harsh?

Yes all of those questions have an impact on the Top 10. First off, we're leaning toward saying LCA should get credit for beating Herriman as opposed to Herriman getting dinged for it. Herriman is certainly helped by Wednesday night's win over East HS. STA? Well, beating St. Martin's was nice but they were sorely tested. We get the gut feeling that Herriman is still stronger than STA. Yes, after all the data, it comes down to gut feeling.

Greenwich bumps up after a win over Xavier, and this brings up another thing. Rye ... beat Greenwich (as we were reminded of last week). Well, OK, that's quite true, but Rye also lost to Xavier 31-0. Where do we put Rye with that combination? Xavier has struggled to find victories this year; meanwhile Rye has done quite well, beating Georgetown Prep on the road, for example, and beating Greenwich, too.

Overall if you look at the three-way results among Xavier, Rye, and Greenwich you have all three at 1-1, with the points difference would favor Greenwich. If we put them at the top of those three, for now, Xavier's win over Rye keeps them ahead of Rye ... for now. There are other opportunities for all of that to change.

Medina, Christian Brothers, and Benedictine, perhaps all overdue, join the Top 50.

Finally. A note about St. Edward. Sometimes it's not about the final score, but how you got there. St. Edward was only down 3-0 at halftime against Ignatius this past week and the final try to make it 24-0 was scored at the end of the game. Overall St. Edward did a lot of things very well and were perhaps a little unlucky not to get points. So, yes, we've moved them up.

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) Won Georgetown Classic
2 2 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat St. Edward (14)
3 6 Herriman (UT) Beat Mountain Ridge, East HS (10)
4 3 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat St. Martin's (5)
5 4 De La Salle (CA) Beat Danville
6 5 St. Martin's (KS) Close loss to STA (3)
7 7 Los Alamitos (CA)  
8 8 Torrey Pines (CA)  
9 9 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
10 10 East HS (UT) Lost to Herriman (6)
11 14 St. Edward (OH) Lost to St. Ignatius
12 13 BC High (MA)  
13 17 Greenwich (CT) Beat Xavier (12)
14 11 Pelham HS (NY) 3-1 at Gonzaga Classic
15 19 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Beat GGA (18)
16 12 Xavier (NY) Lost to Greenwich (17)
17 16 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Lake Travis (28)
18 20 Rye (NY)  
19 15 St. Francis (CA)  
20 18 Gregory the Great (PA) Lost to St. Joe's Prep (19)
21 21 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Lost to Granite Bay
22 22 Hough (NC)  
23 23 St. Ignatius SF (CA)  
24 26 Georgetown Prep (MD) Close loss to Pelham (11) in Gonzaga Classic
25 27 St. Xavier (OH) Beat Moeller (37)
26 30 SLUH (MO) Close loss to Pelham (11) in Gonzaga Classic
27 28 Lake Travis (TX) Lost to Dallas Jesuit (16)
28 32 New Trier (IL) Beat Naperville
29 33 Strake Jesuit (TX) Beat Jesuit New Orleans (45)
30 34 ND de la Salette (IL) Beat Brother Rice
31 36 East HS (CO) Beat Regis Jesuit (39)
32 31 Monarch (C0) Beat Boulder
33 24 Marvin Ridge HS (NC)  
34 25 South Meck (NC)  
35 35 Eagle (ID)  
36 37 Moeller (OH) Close loss to St. Xavier (27)
37 38 Bixby (OK)  
38 39 Regis Jesuit (CO) Lost to East HS (36)
39 41 Weymouth (MA)  
40 40 Orange Lutheran (CA)  
41 48 Kahuku (HI)  
42 42 Belmont HS (MA) Close loss to Shawnigan. Beat Vienna in Gonzaga Classic
43 43 Owyhee (ID)  
44 45 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Lost to Strake Jesuit (33)
45 46 Brother Martin (LA) Beat Warren Easton
46 Unr Medina (OH)  
47 29 Fairfield Prep (CT) 0-4 at Gonzaga Classic
48 50 St. Augustine (NJ) Beat Delbarton
49 Unr Christian Brothers (NJ) 3-1 Gonzaga Classic Varsity Bracket 
50 Unr Benedictine (VA) Beat Holy Family, Western Suburbs