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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 12

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Boys School Top 50 2024: Week 12

St. Thomas Aquinas vs Notre Dame de la Salette. Alex Goff photo.

What an eventful weekend of school-team rugby.

St. Ignatius sent a message that they're not going away quietly. St. Edward logged a statement win. St. Thomas Aquinas kept their hand up in the air. SLUH, which quietly used all their players on tour in Illinois (which precipitated a somewhat harsh ding in the rankings) showed in two very close losses that they belong in the conversation. 

Boston College High made a huge statement.

BC High Takes NE Jesuit Tournament at Fairfield

Oh, and #2 De La Salle lost.

All of this means we have to make some aggressive changes. Teams are moving up and down.

Now, remember we told you this was likely to happen—teams that don't play anymore (school teams out of Southern California and North Carolina) would eventually be overhauled because results trump not playing. In this case, it all happened really quickly because De La Salle lost to SFGG. That result shows how competitive Northern California is. But right now it drops DLS down a couple of spots. The thing is, since DLS beat Los Alamitos, who beat Torrey Pines, all of those guys move down, too.

All teams who have had good results this week or recently move up. We're not sold on Herriman and they are vulnerable at #7. Same goes for St. Martin's. East of Utah could have jumped up had they beaten LCA, but they didn't. 

Also moving large distances:

St. Joe's Prep was one of several school teams in Pennsylvania we were watching. Their dominant win over La Salle moves them up 25 spots (yes, yes the score listed is 49-32 but it was 42-0 at haltime). SLUH moves up 10 spots because we moved them down too far before AND they showed pretty well in close losses over the weekend.

St. Edward moves up seven spots after a fairly strong win over Moeller. Thanks to the NE Jesuit Tournament, Boston College High won that, and they go from not ranked to #25. Fordham Prep also comes in, and McQuaid Jesuit is on the cusp.


Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) Beat St. Ignatius (9)
2 3 Xavier (NY) Beat Rye (21)
3 6 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat La Salette (27), St. X (33), SLUH (41)
4 9 St. Ignatius (OH) Close loss to Gonzaga (1)
5 12 St. Martin's (KS)  
6 2 De La Salle (CA) Lost to SFGG
7 11 Herriman (UT) Beat Highland
8 4 Los Alamitos (CA)  
9 5 Torrey Pines (CA)  
10 7 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
11 8 St. Francis (CA)  
12 19 St. Edward (OH) Beat Moeller (37)
13 10 East HS (UT) Lost to Layton Christian
14 17 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat FFA
15 13 Hough (NC)  
16 14 St. Ignatius SF (CA)  
17 15 Greenwich (CT)  
18 16 Marvin Ridge HS (NC)  
19 18 Sacramento Jesuit (CA)  
20 23 Gregory the Great (PA) Beat Cumberland Valley
21 20 Pelham HS (NY)  
22 21 Rye (NY) Lost to Xavier (3)
23 48 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Beat La Salle (30)
24 25 South Meck (NC)  
25 Unr BC High (MA) Beat Fordham Prep, Fairfield Prep (22) twice
26 27 ND de la Salette (IL) Lost to STA (6). Beat St. James, Fr. Ryan
27 22 Fairfield Prep (CT) Beat McQuaid, Lost to BC High twice
28 26 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
29 33 St. Xavier (OH) Lost to STA (6). Beat SLUH (41), St. James
30 35 Lake Travis (TX) Beat NOLA Jesuit (49)
31 41 SLUH (MO) Close loss to St. X (33). Lost to STA (6)
32 31 Georgetown Prep (MD) On Tour
33 28 Orange Lutheran (CA)  
34 24 Strake Jesuit (TX)  
35 29 Belmont HS (MA)  
36 34 Bixby (OK)  
37 39 Eagle (ID) Beat Rigby
38 32 East HS (CO)  
39 37 Moeller (OH) Lost to St. Edward (19)
40 36 Loyola LA (CA)  
41 38 Kahuku (HI)  
42 40 Bishop O'Dowd (CA)  
43 42 Monarch (CO)  
44 43 Owyhee (ID)  
45 44 Bishop Dwenger (IN)  
46 30 La Salle (PA) Lost to St. Joe's Prep (48)
47 45 Rocky Mountain (ID)  
48 Unr Fordham Prep (NY) Close loss to BCHS, lost to McQuaid, beat McQuaid.
49 49 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Lost to Lake Travis (35)
50 46 La Costa Canyon (CA) efdfjfdjkdfjkdfjkdf