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Boys School HS Rugby Rankings Week 13

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Boys School HS Rugby Rankings Week 13

Brother Martin won big. Enzo Antonio Foster.

This was a very weird rankings week.

We had well-regarded teams lose by significant margins. We had teams beat highly-ranked teams and lose to lower-ranked teams in a tournament format (OK, that is a commentary on the rankings rather than anything else).

We have teams in the lower reaches making a move, and good results at the top, but the middle is somewhat mixed. That, along with teams losing in competitive circumstances to top-ranked teams, mean we sometimes see teams winning (or being idle) and dropping down, and teams losing and moving up.

Notable moves:

Jesuit New Orleans bumps up after a good result. St. Joe's Prep does as well. LaSalle lost to a lower-ranked club team, Raptor Rugby, but that was a team we were waiting on to have some rank-relevant results. They did, and we decided we will reward Raptor rather than penalize the teams they beat.

St. James had an excellent weekend and moves up 14 spots. Highland moves up despite a loss partly at the urging of their opponents, defending national champs Herriman who tell us they deserve a higher ranking.

Rugby beat a ranked team and Milton beat an almost-ranked team and they join the Top 50.

Moving down, St. Edward moves down somewhat and the big issue there is they are not playing a lot outside their region. East HS lost to St. James and we moved St. James up and East down. Notre Dame de la Salette ost a couple of games that move them down. 

Rank Prev Rank Team Notes
1 1 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat Moeller (24)
2 2 De La Salle (CA) Beat Mother Lode (C16)
3 3 Herriman (UT) Beat Highland (50)
4 4 Gonzaga (DC) 2-0 on tour in BC
5 5 Staples (CT)  
6 6 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat SLUH, Father Ryan (44), NDDLS (37)
7 7 Torrey Pines (CA)  
8 9 Greenwich (CT) Beat Morris (C39)
9 8 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Forfeit win
10 11 Conestoga (PA) Beat Doylestown 
11 12 Gregory the Great (PA) Lost to Berks (C26)
12 10 St. Thomas (TX) Beat Strake Jesuit (27)
13 15 Sacramento Jesuit (CA)  
14 14 Xavier (NY) Lost to Aspetuck (C8)
15 18 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Beat St. Paul
16 13 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
17 17 St. Augustine (CA)  
18 23 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Beat Cumberland Valley (45)
19 16 St. Edward (OH) Beat Highland OH
20 20 Penn (IN)  
21 21 Long Beach Poly (CA)  
22 22 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
23 26 Georgetown Prep (MD)  
24 25 St. Pius X (TX) Lost to West Houston (C18)
25 34 LaSalle (PA) Lost to Raptor (C48). Beat AYR (C45), Germantown (C21)
26 27 Strake Jesuit (TX) Lost to St. Thomas (10)
27 28 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Lake Travis
26 29 South Meck (NC)  
29 50 Highland (UT) Lost to Herriman (3)
30 30 Bishop Dwenger (IN)  
31 35 Owyhee (ID) Beat Kuna
32 39 Archbishop Spalding (MD) Beat Mt. St. Joseph
33 43 Loyola Blakefield (MD) Beat Calvert Hall
34 48 St. James (KS) Beat East HS (19), lost to KC Jr. Blues (C33)
35 31 Charlotte Catholic (NC)  
36 32 Myers Park (NC)  
37 33 Bixby (OK)  
38 48 Kingfishers (KS) Beat Chaminade, Father Ryan (44), NDDLS (37)
39 19 East HS (CO) Lost to St. James (48), Beat KC Jr. Blues (C33)
40 24 Moeller (OH) Lost to St. Ignatius (1)
41 38 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Beat Walnut Hills
42 46 Brother Martin (LA) Beat Bayou Hurricanes
43 47 St. Augustine (NJ) Beat Christian Brothers
44 45 Cumberland Valley (PA) Lost to St. Joseph's (23)
45 Unr Rigby HS (ID) Beat Eagle (41)
46 42 Pelham (NY)  
47 Unr Milton HS (MA) Beat Belmont High
48 41 Eagle HS (ID) Lost to Rigby
49 37 Notre Dame de la Salette (IL) Lost to Glen Ellyn, STA (6), Kingfishers (48), Beat Chaminade, 
50 44 Father Ryan (TN) Beat SLUH, lost to STA (6), Kingfishers (48)