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Boys School HS Rugby Rankings Week 11

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Boys School HS Rugby Rankings Week 11

Greenwich could be a sleeper. Will Fagan photo.

This was a tough ranking to do.

Mainly it was tough because a few Top 10 teams lost, but it wasn't like some other teams in the 12-20 range won major victories to put their hand up.

In the end we've got two teams jumping into the Top 10 and one other rising 22 spots to #11. But we have to say we're not completely sold on these rankings. Someone has to be ranked #8, we're just not convinced it's Cardinal Gibbons. Greenwich moves into the Top 10 after a close loss (something we've done before but it's a tenuous line in a team's resume). They lost by a try to Aspetuck, and Aspetuck is very strong. So, OK, they get to be there for now, but Greenwich wll have to back that up. Conestoga's two-point defeat of Gregory the Great moves them up dramatically, but that's OK. We figured they would do well enough to move up five or 10 spots anyway, win or lose. At #11 the heights might be a bit dizzying, but, again, if they can back it up good for them.

St. Thomas is another team that is perhaps a bit too highly ranked. It will be interesting to see Strake Jesuit vs St. Pius X, the team St. Thomas just beat, as a cross-reference result this coming weekend.

Jesuit New Orleans found out what happens when most of your ranking is based on in-state results. Yes they have two impressive wins over Texas teams, but those teams have run into some issues, too. We were waiting for Xavier to win big over Pelham (didn't happen), and Penn to put in a result over St. Xavier (snowed out). We thought if Strake Jesuit had beaten West Houston we could move them up and keep Jesuit NOLA a bit higher. Nope. (An aside—we're fully aware that West Houston is on probation and won't play in the Texas playoffs. As a result, some teams select down for those games. We can't police any of that, but that probably explains why Strake only dropped three spots after the loss.)

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We also drop out some teams—all because we haven't seen them play and so many other teams are playing we can't just sit and wait. What brings them (or anyone) back? Playing rugby.

On the slate this weekend: Illinois kicks off. Moeller plays St. Xavier, Strake plays Pius (as we mentioned), Aspetuck is at Staples, St. Joe's plays Georgetown Prep and ... Herriman plays United (!).


Rank Prev Rank Team Notes
1 1 St. Ignatius (OH) 2-0 on tour in France
2 2 De La Salle (CA) Beat Marin (C42)
3 3 Herriman (UT) Beat East HS
4 4 Gonzaga (DC) Beat Vienna (C15), Good Counsel
5 5 Staples (CT)  
6 7 Torrey Pines (CA)  
7 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS)  
8 10 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Beat Wellington (C30)
9 14 Greenwich (CT) Lost to Aspetuck (C9)
10 24 St. Thomas (TX) Beat St. Pius X (27)
11 33 Conestoga (PA) Beat Gregory the Great (9)
12 9 Gregory the Great (PA) Lost close game to Conestoga (33)
13 11 Cathedral Catholic (CA)  
14 12 St. Augustine (CA)  
15 13 St. Edward (OH)  
16 15 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Lost to Granite Bay C1
17 6 Jesuit New Orleans (LA) Tied Germantown (C28)
18 16 East HS (CO)  
19 17 Penn (IN) Weather cancelation
20 18 Georgetown Prep (MD) On tour
21 19 Long Beach Poly (CA)  
22 20 Regis Jesuit (CO)  
23 21 Xavier (NY) Beat Pelham (48) close game
24 25 Moeller (OH) Beat Walnut Hills
25 22 Strake Jesuit (TX) Lost to West Houston (C32)
26 23 South Meck (NC)  
27 29 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Four Points
28 26 Bishop Dwenger (IN)  
29 27 St. Pius X (TX) Lost to St. Thomas (24)
30 28 Loyola Blakefield (MD)  
31 30 Charlotte Catholic (NC)  
32 31 Myers Park (NC)  
33 32 Bixby (OK)  
34 45 Cumberland Valley (PA) Beat Salesianum
35 36 Owyhee (ID)  
36 37 Westlake (TX) Beat Lake Travis
37 40 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Beat Doylestown (C43)
38 44 LaSalle (PA) Beat Malvern Prep
39 48 Pelham (NY) Close loss to Xavier (21)
40 Unr Notre Dame de la Salette (IL) Beat SLUH (34)
41 34 St. Louis U High (MO) Lost to Notre Dame de la Salette
42 35 Father Ryan (TN)  
43 38 Fallbrook (CA)  
44 39 Eagle HS (ID)  
45 46 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Westher cancelation
46 41 Brother Martin (LA) Lost to Germantown (C28)
47 Unr St. Augustine (NJ) Beat Fordham Prep
48 Unr St. James (KS) Beat Kingfishers (43)
48 43 Kingfishers (KS) Lost to St. James
50 Unr Highland (UT) Beat Mountain Ridge