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Boys HS Varsity All-Star Rankings For 2019

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Boys HS Varsity All-Star Rankings For 2019

Well it's time to rank the 15-a-side Boys HS all-star teams.

As usual, this is difficult to do because it means judging the relative strength of only a few tournaments.

We look at margin of victory, and consistency. Teams tha compete in more than one all-star event and do well get a little extra. 

This is wha we came up with:


Boys Varsity (Tier 1) All-Star Rankings for the Summer of 2019
Rank Team Notes
1 EIRA SoCal Won RMC
2 Celtic Elite Won 2 MW Tournaments
3 Connecticut Dominated Northeast Tournament
5 MetNY Won NJ tournament
6 Nike Legion 2nd in GNC
7 EIRA Midwest Blue 2nd in RMC
8 Colorado 2nd in NJ, Competitive in RMC
9 Pennsylvania 2nd in Northeast, 3rd in NJ
10 NC Sharks Academy 3rd in GNC
11 5785 Blue 3rd in RMC
12 Washington Wolverines Gold 4th in GNC
13 Rhinos 4th in RMC
14 North Carolina Won South
15 Tennessee 2nd in South
16 Houston Sabercats  
17 Charlotte 3rd in South
18 Indiana  
19 EIRA Heartland  
20 South Carolina