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Boys HS Select Side Rankings-JV

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Boys HS Select Side Rankings-JV

Here are our HS Select-Side rankings for JV boys teams —also known as Tier 2.

We looked at how teams performed in the tournaments and gave some losing teams credit for close losses. But if you are inconsistent, that drops you down. 

The consistent winners went to the top, and while you'd have a point saying the Northeast RCT wasn't huge, Connecticut's history of playing strong rugby deserves to be recognized.


Boys Junior Varsity Select-Side Rankings For 2019
Rank Team Notes
1 Connecticut Won Northeast
2 Fort Hunt Won South
3 Oregon Won GNC
4 EIRA Midwest Blue 1st in RMC
5 EIRA SoCal 2nd in RMC
6 Pennsylvania 2nd in Northeast, Won MetNY
7 TOA 2nd in GNC
8 Colorado 2nd in MetNY
9 NC Sharks Academy 3rd in GNC
10 EIRA Heartland 3rd in RMC
11 Badgers Selects 4th in RMC
12 NC Barbarians 4th in GNC
13 Rhinos 5th in RMC
14 5785 Blue  
15 Arizona Bobcats