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Boys HS Nationals To Return To Salt Lake City In 2021

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Boys HS Nationals To Return To Salt Lake City In 2021

Dan Bandoni photo.

The 2021 Boys HS Rugby National Championship is set for late-May in Salt Lake City.

The tournament, which is run as an invitational overseen by a selection committee that bases its decisions on team quality, will follow the same format of the last several years, ever since it returned to privately-run status.

The 2020 tournament was not held because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and organizers hope that travel and sports will be freed up sufficiently to hold the 2021 tournament. In 2019 the HSRNC was held at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Jesuit of Sacramento winning the single-school championship, Back Bay winning the club championship, and Rocky Mountain winning Tier II.

The organizers have decided to return to Salt Lake City for 2021.

"We are excited to return to Salt Lake City," said Tournament Director Bart Bottorff. "They did a good job two years ago and it wasn't their fault that the virus took the 2nd event from them. We like to give a venue two years to host."

The tournament will be held May 20, 21, and 22, which is a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday schedule. As has happened in previous years, each team will play one 60-minute game per day. The 60-minute time frame allows 10 minutes for overtime. Thursday will be quarterfinals, Friday will be semifinals and 5th-place semifinals, and Saturday will have the championship and final placement games.

To apply for the HS Nationals, check Goff Rugby Report (our BHSRNC page is here >>). Teams will be able to apply in January, 2021. Teams that applied and were accepted for the 2020 tournament will be expected to apply again for the 2021 tournament.

Successful applicants have to show long-term success in a competitive league, If a team is not in an especially difficult league, those teams would do well to find other competitive games to play out-of-state. Established historical competitiveness, plus a demonstrated ability to travel are important for a successful applicant.   

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