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Boys HS Historical US Champions

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Boys HS Historical US Champions


Updated 2019

Boys HS Rugby US Champions
Note: In 2012 the championship switched to an invitational format, with teams applying to be included. In 2013, USA Rugby stopped staging the championship, and it was taken over by a panel of coaches from around the county, but retained the application-invitational format.
Boys HS Single-school
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2019 Salt Lake City, UT Jesuit-Sac. Herriman Gonzaga HS East HS (UT)
2018 Kansas City, MO Gonzaga Herriman Jesuit-Sac. Xavier
2017 Kansas City, MO Jesuit-Sac. Gonzaga Penn Herriman
2016 Charlotte, NC Gonzaga Jesuit-Sac. Xavier Penn
2015 Charlotte, NC Gonzaga Jesuit-Sac. Herriman Penn
2014 Elkhart IN Gonzaga Jesuit-Sac. Penn Xavier
2013 Elkhart IN Jesuit-Sac. Gonzaga Xavier Penn
2012 Sandy UT Dixon Penn Xavier Gonzaga
2011 Sandy UT Jesuit-Sac. Xavier Gonzaga Charlotte Catholic
2010 Sandy UT Xavier Gonzaga Jesuit-Sac. Charlotte Catholic
2009 Pittsburgh PA Jesuit-Sac. Christian Brothers Xavier Gonzaga
2008 Pittsburgh PA Jesuit-Sac. ND de la Salette Penn St. Thomas
Boys HS Multi-school
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2019 Salt Lake City, UT Back Bay Royal Irish Charlotte Tigers San Diego Mustangs
2018 Kansas City, MO Danville Royal Irish Fort Hunt Granite Bay
2017 Kansas City, MO Royal Irish Fort Hunt Granite Bay Doylestown
2016 Charlotte, NC Granite Bay Royal Irish United KC Jr. Blues
2015 Charlotte, NC Royal Irish Granite Bay United West Shore
2014 Elkhart IN Royal Irish Santa Monica Danville San Diego
2013 Elkhart IN United Royal Irish Danville Colorado Springs
2012 Sandy UT Royal Irish United Colorado Springs KC Jr Blues
2011 Sandy UT Highland United Royal Irish KC Jr Blues
2010 Sandy UT United Highland Katy Belmont Shore
2009 Pittsburgh PA Highland United KC Jr Blues West Shore Utd.
2008 Pittsburgh PA Highland United Westerville Katy
Boys HS Combined
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2007 Salt Lake City UT Highland Jesuit-Sac. Penn KC Jr Blues
2006 Hanover NH Jesuit-Sac. Highland Katy Westerville
2005 Palto Alo CA Highland Elsie Allen Penn Dallas Harlequins
2004 Fort Worth TX Jesuit-Sac. Highland Dallas Harlequins Penn
2003 Kelly TX Highland Jesuit-Sac. Kent Wilmington
2002 Columbus OH Highland Westerville Jesuit-Sac. Xavier
2001 Columbus OH Highland Westerville Xavier Burbank
2000 Provo UT Highland Jesuit-Sac. Westerville Xavier
1999 Provo UT Jesuit-Sac. Greenwich Highland Park Hill
1998 Indianapolis IN Highland Westerville Gonzaga Worthington
1997 Provo UT Highland Xavier Del Campo Redmond
1996 Fort Belvoir VA Highland Doylestown Redmond Worthington
1995 Minneapolis MN Highland Whitman Doylestown Fort Collins
1994 Parker CO Highland Redmond Whitman Xavier
1993 Seattle WA Xavier Highland Redmond Skyline
1992 Doylestown PA Highland St. Louis Druids Doylestown Xavier
1991 Indianapolis IN Highland Whitman St. Louis Druids Xavier
1990 San Antonio TX Highland Alamo City Doylestown Liberty
1989 Salt Lake City UT Highland Burlingame Xavier Whitemarsh
1988 Washington DC Highland Burlingame    
1987 Denver CO Burlingame Highland Alamo City Langley
1986 Cupertino CA Highland Burlingame Bellarmine Los Gatos
1985 Washington DC Xavier Highland Burlingame Redwood
1984 San Francisco CA Lamorinda Del Campo Xavier Harvard
1983 Washington DC Highland Langley Serra Seneca Valley
1982 Palto Alto CA Redwood Highland Serra Turlock
1981 Dayton OH Redwood Seneca Valley Langley Elder