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Boys HS Games This Weekend

HS Boys

Boys HS Games This Weekend

Here are the games being played in Boys HS rugby this weekend.

A closer look at the Storer Classic is here. The Northern California leagues are set to start very soon, with a new Premier alignment. Louisiana and Florida are about to start, too.

So it's mostly Southern California, with the big BIG game being 1-0 Mira Costa against 1-0 St. John Bosco. This is going to be power against power in many ways, but the Mira Costa Mustangs have a bit more of a reputation for wide open rugby. We'll see how they do against a massive, physical Bosco squad.

Carson and Wilson are both undefeated in Varsity White at 2-0. That's one to watch in LA. 

Check back for scores.


1/12/2018 LCC 17-12 Del Norte SoCal Varsity Red
1/12/2018 Cathedral 45-17 Poway SoCal Varsity Red
1/12/2018 Redondo Union 40-19 View Park Prep SoCal Varsity Red
1/12/2018 St. Augustine  52-12 Mira Mesa SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 Torrey Pines 40-7 SC Tritons SoCal Varsity Red
1/12/2018 San Marcos at Alta Vista SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 Great Oak at Santiago SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 Marina HS (NL) at Los Al SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 Servite HS W-L JSerra Lions RFC SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 San Pasqual at Jaguars Rugby SoCal Varsity White
1/12/2018 Wilson at Carson HS SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Granite Bay at Marin NorCal Premier
1/13/2018 Olympus (UT) 0-21 Mother Lode Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Snow Canyon (UT) 15-0 SFGG Storer Classic
1/13/2018 SMRC 0-50 Danville Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Lamorinda 7-26 United Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Utah B v SFGG/Danville B Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Rhinos 35-14 Mother Lode Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Olympus (UT) 5-40 SFGG Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Snow Canyon (UT) 17-12 Danville Storer Classic
1/13/2018 SMRC v Lamorinda Storer Classic
1/13/2018 United 15-28 Rhinos Storer Classic
1/13/2018 Pleasanton at Oakland NorCal D1
1/13/2018 Mira Costa High School 21-28 St. John Bosco SoCal Varsity Red
1/13/2018 Murrieta Valley at Mustangs SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Saddleback Valley 63-36 Patrick Henry SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Stallions 45-5 Dana Hills SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Norsemen at Coronado SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Norco at Granite Hills SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Carlsbad HS at Fallbrook SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Westview at University City SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 La Jolla Rugby at Point Loma SoCal Varsity White
1/13/2018 Saint Anthony at Santa Fe SoCal Varsity White
1/14/2018 SFGG A 0-14 SMRC Storer Classic
1/14/2018 SFGG B 50-0 Danville B Storer Classic
1/14/2018 Danville A 38-7 Mother Lode Storer Classic
1/14/2018 Lamorinda v Rhinos Storer Classic