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Boys HS Club Rankings Week #13


Boys HS Club Rankings Week #13

Bethesda jumps in at #30. Christopher Martel photo.

It was a pretty brutal weekend for teams ranked between #7 and #20 in the Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings.

A number of those teams lost, and some lost to teams they really shouldn't lose to. Spring break, injuries, and exams can hurt any team, but what they also expose is depth issues, and what we're seeing in a number of HS clubs ranked in the middle of the Top 50 is depth issues. They've got 20 or so players, but not the 30-50 or more that strong single-school teams have.

That is, of course, a gross generalization, but it happens a lot.

Big movers include the West Valley Warriors, who beat Genesis in fairly commanding fashion, Okapi, who were overdue and benefited from some losses ahead of them, and Belmont Shore, who won the big game over Back Bay. Harpeth and Beaverton get a bit of a bump after wins over strong opposition. Budd Bay comes in to replace Chuckanut, whom they beat. Siuxland and Bethesda have been dominant in their leagues, and they move in, as does Eagan.

We weren't sure what to do with all of the NorCal DII teams we've been ranking. We're pretty sure they're good, but how good in relation to each other. We have to admit, we're not sure. So ... they're all at #50, and all tied. The playoffs can sort them out.



Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings 2017 Week #13
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Fort Hunt (Va.)  
2 2 Royal Irish (Ind.) Bt. HSE, St. Xavier, Brownsburg (MS36)
3 3 Danville Oaks (Calif.)  
4 5 Doylestown (Pa.)  
5 8 West Valley Warriors (Utah) Bt. Genesis (11)
6 6 Woodlands (Texas) Bt. Kingwood
7 7 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) Lost to St. Thomas Aquinas (SS23)
8 9 Union County (NC)  
9 16 Okapi Wanderers (Fla.)  
10 27 Belmont Shore (Calif.) Bt. Back Bay (17)
11 12 Cy Fair (Texas)  
12 4 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Lost to Irvine
13 11 Genesis (Utah) Lost to West Valley (8)
14 10 Coastal Dragons (Calif.) Bt. San Clemente
15 13 Katy (Texas) Lost to St. Pius X
16 14 United (Utah) Bt. Kau Toa
17 15 Granite Bay (Calif.)  
18 18 Chargers (Wisc.) Bt. Pulaski
19 17 Back Bay (Calif.) Lost to Belmont Shore (27)
20 19 Bayou Hurricanes (La.)  
21 20 Santa Monica (Calif.)  
22 29 Harpeth (Tenn.) Bt. Ravenwood (36)
23 25 CK McClatchy (Calif.)  
24 21 Peninsula Green (Calif.)  
25 23 SFGG (Calif.) Bt. LVRA
26 22 Allen (Texas) Bt. Jesuit Dallas
27 24 STA Florida  
28 26 Mother Lode (Calif.)  
29 28 Raleigh Rattlesnakes (NC)  
30 Unr Bethesda (Md.) Bt. West Carroll
31 30 Tampa (Fla.)  
32 31 South Greenville (SC)  
33 32 West End (Va.)  
34 33 Red Mountain (Ariz.)  
35 34 Little Rock (Ark)  
36 35 Liberty (Wash.) Forfeit win
37 Unr Eagan (Minn.) Bt. Minnetonka
38 Unr Siouxland (Neb.) Bt. Millard
39 41 Rainier (Wash.) Forfeit Win
40 47 Beaverton (Ore.) Bt. Northside
41 36 Ravenwood (Tenn) Lost to Harpeth (29)
42 37 Chapel Hill Highlanders (NC)  
43 38 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
44 39 Solo Falcons (Calif.)  
45 44 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Lost to Monarch (SS25)
46 Unr Budd Bay (Wash.) Bt. Chuckanut (42)
47 48 Orlando (Fla.)  
48 49 Ahwatukee (Ariz.)  
49 46 South Bay (Calif.) Forfeit win
50 40 Elsie Allen (Calif.)  
50 45 SacPD PAL (Calif.)  
50 Unr Chico Oaks (Calif.)  
50 Unr Buchanan (Calif.)