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Boys HS Club Rankings Week 1

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Boys HS Club Rankings Week 1

Thunder and Belmont Shore in 2021. Both look good this year.

This is week #1 of the Boys HS Club rankings.

We have a lot of rugby to play and you should expect many changes in this group. Right now, however, the defending national champion Thunder Rugby team has tightened its hold on #1 because a) they return a lot of players and b) they went 3-0 at the Storer Classic in impressive fashion. 

The SOC Raptors, who were just a shade behind Thunder last year in SoCal, have started well, and Belmont Shore is vastly improved. Several other teams we are just making assumptions (guesses?) based on who we expect to play for them. 

With Hough now a mixed-school team in North Carolina, they go into this bracket. We are waiting on La Jolla in SoCal—we need to see more—and we are waiting on a few other teams that we're not sure will be able to reload after a rocky 2021.

This includes some of the Texas teams, the liked of Granite Bay in Northern California, most of Oregon, and a few teams that did well in 2021 but could be a one-season wonder.

This coming weekend sees a number of big early games, especially in Florida.

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Rank   Team Notes
1   Thunder Rugby (CA) Looked pretty dominant at Storer Classic.
2   Charlotte Tigers (NC) May have graduated some key personnel, but still strong.
3   Aspetuck (CT) No reason to think they've dropped off.
4   Woodlands (TX) No reason to think they've dropped off.
5   Royal Irish (IN) Likely they are better and deeper than last year.
6   SOC Raptors (CA) Went 3-0 at Storer Classic.
7   Genesis (UT)  
8   San Diego Mustangs (CA) Returning most of team that won HS Nationals Tier II.
9   Tempe (AZ)  
10   Belmont Shore (CA) 4-0 showing at Storer Classic.
11   SFGG (CA) Not sure how NorCal will be.
12   West Valley Warriors (UT)  
13   Fort Hunt (VA)  
14   Danville (CA) Expect them to be a bit stronger.
15   United (UT) Expect them to be a bit stronger.
16   Red Mountain (AZ)  
17   Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
18   Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
19   Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO)  
20   SLV Rhinos (UT)  
21   Harlequin (TN)  
22   East Palo Alto (CA) New club, although essentially Menlo-Atherton.
23   Berks (PA)  
24   Pendleton (IN)  
25   Vienna (VA)  
26   Liberty (WA)  
27   Doylestown (PA)  
28   Naples (FL)  
29   Fairfield (CT)  
30   Raptor Rugby (TN)  
31   Eagan (MN)  
32   Hough Huskies (NC) Started strong in North Carolina.
33   West Shore Utd (PA)  
34   Carmel (IN)  
35   Eastside (WA)  
36   Glenn Ellyn (IL)  
37   HSE (IN)  
38   Avon (IN)  
39   PAC (CO)  
40   Boca Raton (FL)  
41   Jacksonville (FL)  
42   Neuqua (IL) Expecting them to be back.
43   Okapi (FL) Based in part on how good their U16s have been.
44   Morris (NJ)   
45   Eastside (OR)  
46   Bethesda Roosters (MD)  
47   Germantown (TN)  
48   West Houston (TX)  
49   Maryland Exiles (MD)  
50   Downingtown (PA) Dowingtown