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Boys HS Club Preseason Rankings for 2017

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Boys HS Club Preseason Rankings for 2017

Dan Bandoni photo.

Here is Goff Rugby Report's preseason rankings for Boys HS Clubs.

The rankings are based on last year's rankings, plus some adjustments based on a few early results, some observations, and some guesswork. Often, if a team had a good 2016, but it was something of an anomaly, we have moved that team down below teams with a long track record of success.


Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings 2017 Preseason
  Rank Team  
  1 Danville Oaks (Calif.)  
  2 Granite Bay (Calif.)  
  3 Royal Irish (Ind.)  
  4 Fort Hunt (Va.)  
  5 United (Utah)  
  6 Doylestown (Pa.)  
  7 Back Bay (Calif.)  
  8 Coastal Dragons (Calif.)  
  9 Peninsula Green (Calif.)  
  10 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)  
  11 Orlando (Fla.)  
  12 West Valley Warriors (Utah)  
  13 Fairfield (Conn.)  
  14 South Greenville (SC)  
  15 NOLA Barbarians (La.)  
  16 Mother Lode (Calif.)  
  17 Woodlands (Texas)  
  18 Red Mountain (Ariz.)  
  19 West End (Va.)  
  20 Tampa (Fla.)  
  21 Colorado Springs (Colo.)  
  22 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
  23 Myers Park (NC)  
  24 Jupiter (Fla.)  
  25 Chapel Hill Highlanders (NC)  
  26 Rainier (Wash.)  
  27 Little Rock (Ark)  
  28 Solo Falcons (Calif.)  
  29 Eastside (Wash.)  
  30 Santa Monica (Calif.)  
  31 SD Young Aztecs (Calif.)  
  32 Prince Williams (Va.)  
  33 Katy (Texas)  
  34 SFGG (Calif.)  
  35 Liberty (Wash.)  
  36 Chuckanut (Wash.)  
  37 Cape Pirates (Fla.)  
  38 Kau Toa (Utah)  
  39 Chargers (Wisc.)  
  40 Phoenix (Ga.)  
  41 Eagan (Minn.)  
  42 CK McClatchy (Calif.)  
  43 Bayou Hurricanes (La.)  
  44 Key Biscayne (Fla.)  
  45 Maryland Exiles (Md.)  
  46 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.)  
  47 Harpeth (Tenn.)  
  48 Polk County (Ore.)  
  49 Tempe (Ariz.)  
  50 Blackbirds (Ariz.)