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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 12

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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 12

De La Salle from last year. They are starting to pick it up.

We're a little late in updating these rankings because we had some complex groupings of results that made us take a little bit longer to balance them all.

So ... here's what we can say. St. Ignatius won by only one point against St. Xavier. If Aquinas had played a higher-ranked opponent (and won) or even if De La Salle beat Danville by a larger margin, we might have been motivated to move Ignatius out of #2. It is true that it was Senior Night for Ignatius and their lineup wasn't their usual lineup, but you play the cards you're dealt and Ignatius could have performed better. (If their kicks had gone over and St. Xavier's had not it would have been 21-10 ... which is really stretching the justification). Basically we needed something else to drop Ignatius down.

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Aquinas holds steady. De La Salle moves up after another very good result. Rocky Mountain has been really good and, perhaps, a bit overlooked. Beating Capital HS put them in the Top 10. Dropping out is Cathedral, which didn't roll away from St. Augustine as much as we wanted, and, we're not seeing the level of competition we wanted in the SCIRF. It's good, but not so good that the top team is an automatic Top 10.

Gonzaga jumps up to #10 and plays Ignatius this weekend so we have a lot to see there.

Moeller drops down from #5. This is the result that gave us pause. Moeller lost to St. Edward, a team we had at #28. Much of that was because of lack of games or strong games of late. But we decided to break it all down with Moeller, Dwenger, Edward, and St. Xavier. We looked at all the results, and decided that out dropping of St. Edward was partly based on a shortened tournament tie with HSE. That's kind of a meh reason. We had Moeller up in the Top 10 because of a close loss to Ignatius and an early-season 12-5 win over Dwenger in a shortened game. That's a fair but weak foundation. Dwenger's results, which include two early losses, aren't strong enough to maintain a #10 ranking. We like Dwenger's style of play and they could be up at #10, but they haven't played a ranked opponent since April 24. 

In thee dn we move Edward up (of course) and move Moeller down, which drags Dwenger down. St. Xavier could be moved up, but their other results aren't as good as those other three's results. So we mushed them all together, and put them in the teens. 

Sacramento Jesuit holds firm at #12 but it's not really firm. They've got to win a tough game and soon. Same goes for Xavier of NY.

We're happy to see an Illinois team come in with Brother Rice beating Neuqua to get into the Top 50. Regis Jesuit's win over Monarch, in impressive fashion, sends Regis up 14 places.

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Herriman (UT)  
2 2 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat St. Xavier (17)
3 3 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat St. James
4 4 Bixby (OK)  
5 11 Rocky Mountain (ID) Beat Capital (16)
6 23 De La Salle (CA) Beat Danville (C14)
7 7 Dallas Jesuit (TX)  
8 8 Brother Martin (LA)  
9 9 Strake Jesuit (TX) Beat Westlake (36)
10 31 Gonzaga (DC) Beat Xavier (22)
11 6 Cathedral Catholic (CA) Beat St. Augustine (15)
12 12 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Lost to Granite Bay (C44)
13 21 Gregory the Great (PA) Beat St. Joseph's (13), Doylestown (C31)
14 13 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Lost to Gregory the Great (21)
15 28 St. Edward (OH) Beat Moeller (5)
16 16 Capital HS (ID) Lost to Rocky Mountain (11)
17 5 Moeller (OH) Lost to St. Edward (28)
18 10 Bishop Dwenger (IN) Beat Culver
19 17 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Lost 15-14 to St. Ignatius (2)
20 18 St. Louis U High (MO) Beat Chaminade (49)
21 20 Staples (CT) Beat Fairfield (C24) 19-17
22 14 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)  
23 15 St. Augustine (CA) Lost to Cathedral (6)
24 22 Xavier (NY) Lost to Gonzaga (31)
25 19 Olympus (UT)  
26 24 East HS (UT)  
27 30 Georgetown Prep (MD)  
28 42 Regis Jesuit (CO) Beat Monarch
29 25 Eagle (ID)  
30 26 LaSalle (PA)  
31 27 Cumberland Valley (PA)  
32 32 Kingfishers (KS)  
33 36 Westlake (TX) Lost 31-29 to Strake (9)
34 33 Penn (IN) Lost to KC Jr. Blues (C39)
35 34 Warrior (OH)  
36 35 Medina (OH) Beat Brunswick
37 37 Delbarton (NJ) Beat St. Augustine (44)
38 29 Greenwich (CT)  
39 38 Palmer (CO)  
40 39 Salesianum (DE)  
41 43 Loyola Blakefield (MD) Beat Calvert Hall (41)
42 41 Calvert Hall (MD) Lost to Loyola Blakefield (43)
43 40 Christian Brothers (TN)  
44 44 St. Augustine (NJ) Lost to Delbarton (37) 10-7
45 Unr Brother Rice (IL) Beat Neuqua
46 45 Spring Hill (TN)  
47 46 Jesuit New Orleans (LA)  
48 47 Wando (SC)  
49 48 St. Thomas (TX)  
50 49 Chaminade (MO) Lost to SLUH (14)