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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 11

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Boys 2021 School HS Rankings Week 11

Herriman's Strider Fountaine gets chased. Tonia McPeak photo.

 Could anyone unseat Herriman? Yes, of course. The thing is, Herriman has to help by looking vulnerable.

This weekend in Utah's Varsity final, Herriman looked anything but vulnerable, dealing #14 Olympus a very convincing defeat. That's the sort of result that solidifies #1 rather than opens up a vulnerability. 

St. Thomas Aquinas played very well in beating SLUH, but to jump to #1 they needed to dominate, which they didn't so. To hold onto #2 ... well here's the thing, and we'll go into more detail about St. Ignatius in an article this week ... but at some point we are forced to replace older results with recent performances. St. Ignatius has beaten Royal Irish (Club #3) and Aspetuck (Club #5) in the last two weeks.

HS Scores This Past Weekend

Our biggest issue with St. Ignatius was that their opening game was a 49-7 loss to the Charlotte Tigers. However, the Tigers were (and are) the #1-ranked HS Club team. And, in addition, the Tigers had played several games before that game, while Ignatius had not. And we've seen this throughout the season that when a team opens against an opponent with some game experience, the non-experienced team loses, sometimes quite badly.

We can't dismiss it entirely, but we can sort of say, well, they had no warmup for one of the toughest games of the year.

Since that game, Ignatius has had one other loss, which was Royal Irish, and they avenged that loss ten days ago. At some point, you have to look at the fact that they have been very good against ranked teams, and capped that off with a win over Aspetuck.

Cathedral Catholic has been pretty dominant in SCIRF, so we move them up dramatically. Now they have to hold onto that spot.

Gonzaga tying Georgetown Prep doesn't hurt Georgetown, it just gives us more of a reason to move Gonzaga up. The same thing goes for Greenwich. Staples (beating a good team), Rocky Mountain (they keep winning and others around them don't), and SLUH (close loss to Aquinas) all move up dramatically. 

We are struggling with the Pennsylvania teams because they haven't been consistent. Travel can be tough there. In the end we dropped Gregory the Great down even though they beat St. Joseph's earlier in the season. With the Rugby Pa. playoffs this weekend it might all get straightened out.


Goff Rugby Report Boys Single-School Rankings Week 11 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Herriman (UT) Beat Olympus (14)
2 4 St. Ignatius (OH) Beat Aspetuck (C5)
3 2 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) Beat SLUH (28)
4 3 Bixby (OK)  
5 5 Moeller (OH)  
6 18 Cathedral Catholic (CA) Beat Fallbrook (36)
7 6 Dallas Jesuit (TX) Beat Brother Martin (7)
8 7 Brother Martin (LA) Lost to Dallas Jesuit (6)
9 8 Strake Jesuit (TX)  
10 9 Bishop Dwenger (IN)  
11 17 Rocky Mountain (ID) Beat Meridian
12 12 Sacramento Jesuit (CA) Lost to Danville (C19)
13 11 St. Joe's Prep (PA) Beat Conestoga
14 13 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)  
15 19 St. Augustine (CA) Beat Mira Costa
16 15 Capital HS (ID)  
17 16 St. Xavier Cincinnati (OH) Beat Walnut Hills
18 28 St. Louis U High (MO) Beat Eureka, lost to Aquinas (2)
19 14 Olympus (UT) Lost to Herriman (1)
20 26 Staples (CT) Beat Greenwich (48)
21 10 Gregory the Great (PA) Lost to Doylestown (C32)
22 25 Xavier (NY) Beat St. Anthony's
23 20 De La Salle (CA)  
24 24 East HS (UT) Beat Mountain Ridge
25 22 Eagle (ID)  

Goff Rugby Report Boys Single-School Rankings Week 11 2021
26 21 LaSalle (PA) Lost to Berks (C26)
27 27 Cumberland Valley (PA) Beat Downingtown (C30)
28 23 St. Edward (OH)  
29 48 Greenwich (CT) Lost to Staples (26)
30 30 Georgetown Prep (MD) Tied Gonzaga (49)
31 49 Gonzaga (DC) Tied Georgetown Prep (30)
32 31 Kingfishers (KS)  
33 32 Penn (IN)  
34 33 Warrior (OH) Beat Olentangy
35 37 Medina (OH) Beat Parma
36 35 Westlake (TX)  
37 38 Delbarton (NJ) Beat St. Augustine (39)
38 Unr Palmer (CO) Beat Monarch
39 41 Salesianum (MD) Beat St. Augustine (39)
40 47 Christian Brothers (TN) Beat Raptors(C37)
41 42 Calvert Hall (MD)  
42 Unr Regis Jesuit (CO) Beat Valor Christian
43 Unr Loyola Blakefield (MD) Beat Mount St. Joseph
44 39 St. Augustine (NJ) Lost to Delbarton (38), Salesianum (41)
45 40 Spring Hill (TN) Beat Father Ryan (45)
46 43 Jesuit New Orleans (LA)  
47 29 Wando (SC) Lost to Charlotte Squadron
48 46 St. Thomas (TX)  
49 Unr Chaminade (MO) Beat Francis Howell
50 45 Father Ryan (TN) Lost to Spring Hill (40)

Goff Rugby Report Boys Single-School Rankings Week 11 2021