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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 9

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 9

West Houston made a move.

This was a very weird HS Club Rankings week.

While the top six remain unchanged because they all performed as expected, and perhaps even a bit better than expected, the rest of the Top 50 got a shakeup for a number of reasons:

1. Teams that have been idle a relatively long time lose traction.

2. After the Florida final we went back through the results with a little more context and some of the teams from the Sunshine State dropped down.

3. We found out (just imagine our surprise) that two rankable teams that we thought were single-school were, in fact, HS clubs. That would be Layton Christian and St. Charles Prep. 

4. We reevaluated the San Diego Mustangs after they almost beat Thunder, and we reevaluated Pendleton after they barely beat Westfield.

5. West Houston, SFGG, Downingtown, and Belmont Shore all had high-profile games and all won, most in impressive fashion, and that was a springboard result to move them up anywhere from 11 places to 21 places.

6. We bunched San Diego, Thunder, and Tempe together after San Diego almost beat Thunder, losing in the end 26-20.  

Power Second Half Sees Aspetuck Past Xavier

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Program Spotlight: West Houston Wins a Big One

Liberty, HSE, Tampa, Rock, and Menlo-Atherton all drop out, mostly because they were ranked relatively low anyway and we haven't seen much from them lately. M-A just lost ... but they will have a chance to move up. 


Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 9 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Beat Richmond Strikers 
2 2 Genesis (UT) Beat Snow Canyon (33)
3 3 Royal Irish (IN) Beat Bishop Dwenger (S9)
4 4 West Valley Warriors (UT) Beat SLV Rhinos (13)
5 5 Aspetuck (CT) Beat Xavier (S44)
6 6 Woodlands (TX) Beat Katy (25)
7 10 Thunder Rugby (CA) Beat San Diego Mustangs (24)
8 24 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Lost to Thunder (10) 26-20
9 8 Tempe (AZ) Beat Tucson
10 11 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat San Clemente (S28)
11 9 Red Mountain (AZ) Beat United (26)
12 13 SLV Rhinos (UT) Lost to West Valley (4)
13 7 Naples (FL) Lost to Cardinal Gibbons (S12)
14 12 Berks (PA) Lost to Cumberland Valley
15 15 Allen (TX)  
16 27 West Houston (TX) Beat Strake Jesuit (S3)
17 14 Harpeth (TN)  
18 16 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
19 17 Germantown (TN)  
20 19 Boca Raton (FL)  
21 20 Jacksonville (FL)  
22 21 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
23 28 F5 (OK) Beat Jenks (S29)
24 38 Downingtown (PA) Beat Doylestown (31)
25 26 United (UT) Lost to Red Mountain (9)
26 47 SFGG (CA) Beat Menlo-Atherton (48)
27 45 Belmont Shore (CA) Beat Back Bay
28 29 Fairfield (CT)  
29 23 West Shore Utd (PA) Lost to Gregory the Great (S13)
30 31 Doylestown (PA) Lost to Downingtown (38)
31 30 Okapi (FL)  
32 18 Pendleton (IN) Beat Westfield
33 33 Snow Canyon (UT) Lost to Genesis (2)
34 34 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO) Beat Liberty North
35 Unr Westfield (IN) Lost 15-14 to Pendleton (18)
36 22 Raptors (TN) Beat BRRS
37 Unr St. Charles (OH) Beat Hilliard
38 25 Katy (TX) Lost to Woodlands (6)
39 35 Brighton (UT) Beat Cache
40 36 Key Biscayne (FL)  
41 37 S. Greenville (SC)  
42 44 Dayton Northern Force (OH) Beat Walnut Hills
43 Unr Layton Christian (UT) Beat Genesis 2
44 32 Edmond (OK) Lost to Bixby (S4)
45 Unr Morris (NJ) Beat Union
46 46 Danville (CA)  
47 42 Wellington (FL)  
48 Unr. Maryland Exiles (MD) Beat Diamondbacks/Frederick
49 49 Granite Bay (CA)  
50 50 Elsie Allen (CA)