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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 5

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 5

The Salt Lake Valley Rhinos have vaulted into the top 15. Photo SLV Rhinos

It was a quiet weekend for the top-ranked teams, but after that it was very noisy.

So noisy, in fact, that we've expanded out rankings to 40, and we're getting close to the 50 we normally rank.

Big movers include Aspetuck, which showed its power and its depth over the weekend; SLV Rhinos, a team we had on the cusp of being ranked, and who then went out and beat United last week; Fairfield, who almost beat Berks and then beat West Shore.

Jacksonville and KC Jr. Blues lost by big scores, and while we know that injuries and play unavailabilities can make this happen, we can't ignore it. However, these are, overall, strong clubs and good results going forward can potentially memory-hole those losses.

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Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 5 2021
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC)  
2 2 Genesis (UT)  
3 3 Royal Irish (IN)  
4 4 West Valley Warriors (UT)  
5 5 Woodlands (TX) Beat Westlake
6 6 Tempe (AZ) Beat Brophy Prep
7 7 Naples (FL) Beat Wellington
8 14 Aspetuck (CT) Beat West Shore (23), Berks (16)
9 8 Red Mountain (AZ) Beat Phoenix
10 9 Thunder Rugby (CA)  
11 10 SOC Raptors (CA)  
12 13 Okapi (FL)  
13 Unr SLV Rhinos (UT) Beat United (11)
14 15 Key Biscayne (FL)  
15 11 United (UT) Lost to SLV Rhinos
16 Unr Fairfield (CT) Lost 13-12 to Berks (16), Beat West Shore (23)
17 16 Berks (PA) Beat Fairfield, Lost to Aspetuck (14)
18 17 Germantown (TN)  
19 18 San Diego Mustangs (CA)  
20 19 Boca Raton (FL) Beat Sarasota

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 5 2021
21 21 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA)  
22 22 Allen (TX) Lost to Jesuit Dallas (S4)
23 24 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
24 30 Rock Rugby (TX) Beat Lake Travis (S23)
25 28 Harpeth (TN) Beat TRA
26 29 Raptors (TN) Beat Father Ryan (S30)
27 23 West Shore Utd (PA) Lost to Aspetuck (14), Fairfield
28 12 Jacksonville (FL) Lost to Cardinal Gibbons (S17)
29 20 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO) Lost to Kingfishers (S26), Beat St. James
30 Unr Katy (TX) Beat Cy Fair
31 Unr West Houston (TX) Beat St. Pius X (S21)
32 Unr Edmond (OK) Beat Wichita
33 Unr F5 (OK) Beat OKC
34 Unr HSE (IN) Beat Carmel
35 Unr Brighton (UT) Beat Genesis 2
36 Unr Eureka (MO) Beat Jefferson City
37 25 Bayou Hurricanes (LA)  
38 Unr Miami County (OH) Beat Withrow (27)
39 27 Withrow (OH) Lost to Miami County
40 26 S. Greenville (SC)  

Goff Rugby Report Boys HS Club Rankings Week 5 2021