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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 14

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Boys 2021 HS Club Rankings Week 14

Carmel beats two ranked to make the Top 50. Joelen Borad Photography.

Well this ranking is a) very difficult to do this week and b) late.

One might follow the other, but we were also in the GRR-mobile for two days following the CRC and we don't have a rankings stenographer in the passenger seat to help us form out thoughts.

Little changes here and there are fairly self-explanatory—Fort Hunt and SOC are putting in good results. Carmel's defeat of two (2!) ranked teams in successive playoff games over the long weekend has to put them into the Top 50.PAC beat Falcons in Colorado and move up, obviously.

But we also have some issues. Namely, what to do about Northern California. There is no clear pecking order in NorCal. Jesuit is usually very strong, but they;ve capped their season and didn't beat any of the major teams they faced. SFGG looked terrific in beating Menlo-Atherton early and Marin in a close one, but lost to Danville and De La Salle. Danville beat SFGG and Jesuit but lost to DLS and, this week, Marin. Marin has lost close games to SFGG and Granite Bay, but beaten Danville who beat SFGG. Granite Bay beat Marin and Jesuit but lost to Menlo-Atherton.

You see how it is? In the end we are trying to reward a body of work. We think SFGG is probably, day-to-day, the strongest HS club in NorCal. They could lose at any time, but they hold onto their ranking despite a loss to DLS in part because DLS is probably the best team in the region.

Danville drops and Marin rises, and Granite Bay drops while Menlo rises, but we don't automatically put M-A over GB or the Highlanders over the Oaks because Danville has a better overall record than Marin, and Granite Bay has beaten more big-name teams than Menlo.

For now.

Also coming in ... well we were ready to bring in West End and they did pretty well this past weekend; so much so in fact that even though they lost a game they make the Top 50, and the team that beat them, South Greenville, does as well. Marin and Menlo come in. There is lots still to track.

Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Beat Fort Hunt (6)
2 2 Genesis (UT)  
3 4 Royal Irish (IN) Beat Dwenger (S17)
4 3 Woodlands (TX)  
5 6 Fort Hunt (VA) Lost to Charlotte Tigers (1) 27-24, Beat Jaguares
6 5 West Valley Warriors (UT)  
7 8 SOC Raptors (CA) Beat San Diego Mustangs (11)
8 7 Aspetuck (CT)  
9 9 Tempe (AZ)  
10 10 Thunder Rugby (CA) Beat Back Bay
11 11 San Diego Mustangs (CA) Lost to SOC Raptors (8) 24-21
12 13 SFGG (CA) Lost to De La Salle (S7)
13 14 Raleigh Redhawks (NC)  
14 15 SLV Rhinos (UT)  
15 12 Danville (CA) Lost to Marin
16 16 Red Mountain (AZ)  
17 18 Harlequin (TN)  
18 19 Fairfield (CT)  
19 20 Naples (FL)  
20 17 Granite Bay (CA) Lost to Menlo-Atherton
21 21 United (UT)  
22 22 Doylestown (PA)  
23 24 Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO) Lost to St. Thomas Aquinas (S3)
24 29 Vienna (VA) Lost to Gonzaga (S5)
25 Unr Menlo-Atherton (CA) Beat Granite Bay (17)
26 25 Belmont Shore (CA)  
27 26 Berks (PA)  
28 27 West Shore Utd (PA)  
29 Unr Carmel (IN) Beat Avon (36), Pendelton (23)
30 23 Pendleton (IN) Beat Marian, Lost to Carmel in OT
31 40 Phoenix Alpharetta (GA) Beat MDX (38), Western Loudoun
32 28 Liberty (WA)  
33 31 Eagan (MN)  
34 Unr Marin (CA) Beat Danville (12)
35 36 Avon (IN) Lost to Carmel
36 30 Boca Raton (FL)  
37 32 Jacksonville (FL)  
38 33 Downingtown (PA)  
39 34 Germantown (TN)  
40 35 West Houston (TX)  
41 Unr PAC (CO) Beat Falcons (37)
42 41 Eastside (WA)  
43 37 Colorado Springs Falcons (CO) Lost to PAC
44 38 Maryland Exiles (MD) Beat Wando, lost to Phoenix Alpharetta (40)
45 44 Albert Lea (MN) Forfeit win
46 46 Morris (NJ)   
47 47 Gridley (CA) Beat Elk Grove
48 Unr South Greenville (SC) Beat Western Loudoun, West End
49 50 Charlotte Squadron (NC) Beat Jacksonville Bs, Raleigh Rattlesnakes
50 Unr West End (VA) Beat Wando, lost 15-12 to South Greenville